The Atlantic Coast, France

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More and more people visit the Atlantic Coast of France, which runs from the mouth of the Loire to the Pyrenees. Tourists are drawn to this area by good beaches and a beautiful hinterland. From north to south is to divide the area into different zones.


Located south of the Loire lies Vendée. One area that is becoming more popular with the Dutch. The tourist center Les Sables d'Olonne ?? is the most famous place. A nice harbor with water sports and fishing and beautiful beaches. Other resorts are:
  • St. Jean de Monts
  • Port Bourgeray
  • Merlin Plage
  • Ile de Noirmoutier

This coast is also called Côte de la Lumière. It has large tidal variations on the wide, flat sandy beaches.


South of Vendée is Charente, with also beautiful sandy beaches. Off the coast are several islands nicknamed Côte de Beauté:
  • Ile de Re ?? romantic island with beautiful beaches and dunes. Rest seekers like to come here. Accommodations are not so much here.
  • Ile d Oléron ?? ?? after Corsica is the largest island of France. Good beaches, water sports and historical monuments.

La Rochelle
A picturesque old port, but however with a modern marina, making it a major seaside resort.
Royan is the most fashionable resort in the area, located on the north shore of the Gironde.
Lie in the interior of Charente:
  • Angouleme, the ancient capital of Roman fortifications
  • Cognac, where one can visit the cognac cellars
  • Poitiers, a medieval university town with the high-tech theme park Futuroscope

Landes and Bordeaux

To the south of Gironde, Les Landes. Bordeaux is the main town in this area. It is the center of the most famous wine-growing region in the world, situated on the River Garonne. Famous wine region ?? s are: Médoc, Graves, Pomerol, St. Emilion.
Côte d'Argent ??
The coast of Les Landes hot Côte d'Argent ??, ?? ?? silver coast. It has wide sandy beaches, high dunes and large inland lakes, étangs called. People who love surf surf, can indulge in this area.
The most famous seaside resort is Arcachon, located at the Bassin d ?? Arcachon. The highest dune in Europe, Dune de Pyla, located southwest of Arcachon.
Cote d ?? Argent possesses many kilometers of beautiful beaches, surrounded by pine forests. The hinterland is swampy, many forests and many large lakes, where good wind surfing can be exercised.

Côte Basque

This is the most southern part of the Atlantic Coast. Located south of the Adour river knows these famous resorts:
  • Biarritz ?? importantly, fashionable resort of French Basque Country. Biarritz has casino ?? s and healing springs.
  • St. Jean de Luz ?? busy fishing port and seaside resort
  • Hendaye ?? seaside resort and frontier place for traffic to Spain.