The Band Aid projects of Bob Geldof

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Band Aid charity is the musical project of Bob Geldof being set up in 1984 to raise funds against famine in Ethiopia. Both in 1989 and in 2004 the project is reactivated. In all cases, the proceeds go to Africa. The deadly Ebola virus occurs in West Africa Geldof in 2014 Band Aid decide again to turn to raise money. A look back at the previous editions. Band Aid, which was originally designed in 1984 as a single fundraising campaign against famine in Ethiopia, is now in its fourth edition. Initiated by Bob Geldof in November 2014 song Do They Know it's Christmas? again sung by contemporary artists under the name Band Aid 30. The proceeds from the sale of the single will be used to fight the Ebola virus in West Africa. On this edition include co-operated by One Direction, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandé and Chris Martin.
The penultimate Band Aid was created ten years ago and the first is now thirty years behind us. A look back at the last three editions and the creation of Band Aid.

1984 - Band Aid

The BBC plays a major role in bringing the moving image into poverty and starvation to which the people are exposed to Ethiopia in late 1984. Bob Geldof was so moved by what he sees that he wants to do something about it. Realizing that will make these images in other Western countries impression he is looking for support. But he starts in England.
Bob Geldof directed a short time later with Midge Ure a charity group under the name Band Aid with the aim to raise funds to combat famine in Ethiopia. The name Band Aid has a double meaning. It is the English word for plaster and it is a collective of musicians who offer help. Both initiators are as a composer and producer makers ?? Do they know it's Christmas ?, the song that is created specifically for the project. The dominant theme is ?? Feed the world ??.
The song will be recorded on Sunday, November 25th and is four days later in the stores. In many countries achieved the first place of the charts, often immediately followed at number two by Last Christmas by Wham !, which other popular Christmas hit of 1984. Moreover, Wham! the royalties from their hit also donated to the Band Aid project. Some of the dozens of participating artists on Band Aid, Paul Young, Boy George, Bono, George Michael, Phil Collins and Sting.
In England the single in a few weeks, three million copies and is in its own country one of the three best-selling singles of all time. During the Christmas of 1985, the number will again into the charts and reached third place.
Threatening conflict with government
In an interview for BBC radio Geldof promised that all income will benefit from the charity. This brings him into trouble at first because the British government refuses to release the tax. If Geldof as a matter flared up towards Thatcher is this tax, partly under pressure from public opinion, refunded in favor of the charity project.
Several initiatives
Following the great success of Band Aid track in the first months of 1985 in several countries similar charity singles, of which we are the world of the American collective USA for Africa is the best known. All initiatives have the same goal, namely raising funds against famine. Both ?? Do they know it's Christmas? as We are the world are heard every year at Christmas time on the radio, although the latter is no specific Christmas song.
On July 13, 1985, Geldof organized the charity concert Live Aid in both London and, later in the day, taking place in Philadelphia and is broadcast worldwide on television. The proceeds from Live Aid would eventually rise to about 150 million pounds sterling.

1989 - Band Aid II

If has broken a new famine in Ethiopia in 1989 asking Bob Geldof early December to Pete Waterman whether he wants to make a new version of the song with the famous star of the moment. This version of Do They Know it's Christmas ?, whose structure differs slightly from the first version, produced by the successful trio in the eighties Stock, Aitken, Waterman. On the recording is contributed by ao Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, Chris Rea, Cliff Richard & Lisa Stansfield.

2004 - Band Aid 20

A new incarnation will take place in 2004. The reason is this time the armed conflict in Sudan between the government militias and rebel groups in the Darfur region. The final result is a war with 300,000 deaths and two million refugees.
The single from this edition of Band Aid, which include the sponsorship of Bono, Chris Martin, Dido, Snow Patrol and Robbie Williams, in England, the best-selling 2004 New in this version is a rap rapper Dizzee Rascal.
All three released versions of ?? Do they know it's Christmas? in England have reached the first position of the chart. The expectation is that this will not be different with the latest version. Compared to the later versions, the original version of 1984 remains the most popular and regularly reissued.
Through the website of the British Charity Commission is clear how the revenues collected are spent.