The Bargain Corner: A New Trend

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Since 2012 there is a new trend in internet land, the Bargain Corner. This is a phenomenon which is based on the principle: throw is sin. At a Bargain Corner items are offered for free. Stuff you probably do not need any more, but where another very happy can be. Good for people with a small wallet, but also for yourself because something away makes a good feeling.

Old things: throw away or give away?

You know the drill: a crowded garage, an attic which is barely passable, your wardrobe protruding from the clothes that you are actually a few years no longer fits. It is high time for a big cleanup. But where do you stuff you no longer need? You can throw them away but often this sin because things are still usable. Another option is the thrift store. However, the downside is that you have to load everything and the circuit must drive to release it. For several months there has been a new trend: the Bargain Corner!

The Bargain Corner

The Bargain Corner is a new trend that started in 2012. Typical for the Bargain Corner is that several promoters are involved who have each created their own region a Bargain Corner in life. The principle of the Bargain Corner is that you can offer there things that are unnecessary for you, but that still could use another good. Beds, pots, pans, toys, clothing, equipment, free services such as a babysitter, borrow a car, plants, flowers, glasses, crockery and furniture. There offer everything! With the Bargain Corner items of waste is prevented, those with a small purse can fit to get stuff they need and you get yourself a good feeling!

Where to find a Bargain Corner?

The Bargain Corner is an isolated idea and finding initiators region. Often this is a prefix; For example Bargain Corner Region 038 Zwolle and surroundings. The Bargain Corner is currently very high through the medium of Facebook. Through the word you're looking for a Bargain Corner in your region. Also, there are now websites have been developed in the context of the Angle Bargain. This indicates that certain future for the Bargain Corner and that it will gradually be disconnected go mediums like Facebook. Lately there has also been attention from the media to the phenomenon Bargain Corner and this has resulted in more regions with an ?? s Bargain Corner.


As mentioned earlier you help other people who may not have as broad or do people just happy with the stuff you no longer need. You also get yourself a good feeling when you can help someone happy or you can make. An advantage of the Bargain Corner compared to an online sales page as Marketplace is that it is much smaller. You offer your belongings within a group of people who live near you. So you learn may also know people in your street, village or neighborhood and expand your circle of friends or acquaintances so you off. What is also very easy is that you can easily arrange a collection time. It need not be sent, as you will often have to Marketplace, but because the people at a Bargain Corner right at your pick is living near very easily.

Want to participate?

Are you wondering if there is a Bargain Corner in your region? Go search the internet and join it. Clean up your home and give away what you're talking about. If you help one another and you get a good feeling from. A better world begins with you.