The best apps for preschoolers

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More and more children use apps. According to proponents, they learn quickly start skills like math and reading. In the Netherlands itself the first Steve Jobs schools where children are mostly educated using the iPad. It is important to be quite critical of the various providers of apps. Not all apps are equally educative and instructive. Read all about it in this article. The iPad is gaining popularity among children. It is a simple device that also preschoolers is easy to understand. Most preschoolers can tap and swipe on screen. That parents are fun to watch. Nearly 1 in 3 families with young children now has an iPad or another tablet in the house. Children from 0 to 2 years usually play still prefers music games, drawing games and coloring games. From the age of five, they also take an interest in apps that let them academic skills, such as vocabulary and count, can learn. In the education sector is currently a debate going on whether these apps can really contribute to improving the skills of children. Opponents point out especially that the children are in close contact with computers from a very young age. Instead, they would have a lot more outdoor games.

IPad use by children

The main proponents of the use of the iPad for young children are likely to find on the so-called Steve Jobs schools. These are schools that educate their children entirely through the iPad. This is according to a concept of Apple. In the Netherlands, recently the first schools started with this concept. In the Netherlands, Maurice de Hond is a strong advocate of this concept. According to him, have children by using certain applications an edge over other students in recognizing colors, numbers and letters. Moreover, there are no studies that confirm the claims by Maurice de Hond. Since it is too early for because Steve Jobs schools only short existence to investigate the effects on the long term.

What apps are suitable for infants and toddlers?

When looking for suitable apps for preschoolers, it is important to be critical. Most providers of apps for children will claim that their app is educational and instructive for children. This also applies to the very stupid apps. Apps that appeal to children must meet several conditions. So the game experience to be good and the instructions understandable. A challenge must be in the missions, but they should not frustrate. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the voices and music. Which must be pleasing to the ear.

Review Sites of apps for kids

There are some sites that apps for kids critical review. One of those sites is on that site be discussed apps for children from 0 to 6 years. The site is clearly searchable by theme. Another site where many parents can use, unfortunately a little less clear, is Yolanda van Meel, a mother of two young children, has also been reviewed numerous applications used by their children. Finally, the iTunes store has an extensive and well-feedback system. When looking for suitable apps, it is also recommended to read it carefully.

Best apps for preschoolers and toddlers

In 2013 there were several apps that competed with each other for most of the decrease. A popular app was The Three Little Pigs from the Gottmer Publishers Group. This is a kinderboekenapp with the familiar story combined with music and searches. Another popular app Jokie of the Efteling. This app is the user Jokie who goes on a journey through eight worlds. There are no rules or highscores. A final popular app is Kenny Kennisnet. Together with the bird Kenny, it is possible to play four challenging play.