The best meatballs

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As an old-fashioned tasty meatball goes by almost everyone into it. A meatball can buy ready made at the grocery store or at the butcher. But the most delicious meatballs make yourself. Difficult? Of course not. With the following recipe you make a snap the best meatballs and there are also a few variations at. This recipe makes about 6 to 8 meatballs. Of course, depending on how big you make your meatballs. Keep in mind the larger the meatball, the longer they have to simmer.
  • Large casserole
  • 1 large bowl
  • Tang meat
  • Frying butter
  • 1 kilo chopped
  • Seasoned breadcrumbs 1/3 of the content
  • 1 large egg or 2 small eggs or milk
  • Water

The recipe

Leave before you start, everything ajar come to room temperature. This facilitates namely a little kneading the meat and you're not so much cold hands. Put the chopped egg or milk and breadcrumbs in a large bowl. Knead together well now. Make sure that really all is well mixed and that no "blobs" to see with breadcrumbs in the mince. If everything is kneaded, put the frying pan on low heat and do a fair amount of frying butter in the pan. During heating the butter turn the meatballs. Make sure the meatballs are as smooth as possible. Otherwise, you have a clear chance of the gahaktballen disintegrate during frying. If you've turned your balls and your butter is hot, put the balls in the casserole. Fry the meatballs are brown on all sides. Use meat tongs to the meatballs to run. When the meatballs on all sides are equally roast you put down the heat. Pour now calmly, with the aid of, for example, a measuring cup, water at the gahaktballen. Do just as much water until the meatballs are completely under. Turn up the heat again higher, so the meatballs can simmer quietly. With an hour of the meatballs will be ready. Uncertain whether the meatballs are cooked, cut a meatball equally by to see if it is cooked.

Variation Tips

As a variation, you can also chopped onions or some chopped peppers with the meat over mix. Besides this you can also make meatballs stuffed meatballs. Prepare the meat as above but you also include some cheese on it. This can be but also young parmesan grated cheese. Turn the meatballs and then create a hole which runs through the middle. In this hole you put a tomato. Next make up the hole and roll the balls again until they are as smooth as possible. Frying now again balls brown on all sides and cook them afterwards. Please note that the cheese on the outside of the ball is likely to run out of it or have already been out of it occurred.

Meatballs are yummy with ...

Meatballs are several ways delicious to eat. But here are the tastiest.
  • Meatball with cauliflower
  • meatball with spinach
  • Meatball with a roll and satay sauce
  • Meatball with a lick of mayonnaise or pickles
  • Berehap (sliced ​​and meatball on a stick you laced with onion rings