The blueberry as health therapy

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The blueberry is often confused with the blueberry, but they are two completely different kinds of berries. Both are berries and both provide many vitamins, but blueberries also supplies still very special and good nutrients and therefore it is wise to know the difference between these two species, particularly if you want to do it to your advantage. Incidentally, the blue berry in the summer fresh from the bush in your garden gets much better flavor than the cultivated version in stores.

The blueberry is very healthy

That eating berries is healthy, our ancestors already knew. Traditionally, were collected in the summer berries and nuts to be eaten in the winter and as a good way to get fit through the winter. Like many nuts are high in antioxidants, berries and our lovely, cultivated blueberry has a lot of them. Fresh from the tree in your own garden, you can of course make the most of, but who does not have that, can of course always a bowl of blueberries in the shop.


Antioxidants are substances that suppress the bad substances in the body, and clean up. The word antioxidants ?? ?? reminiscent of the word ?? oxidize ?? and actually true that too. Oxidation means rust. When the rusting of metal is the top layer of the metal affected by aggressive substances. In our body, something similar happens and antioxidants can counteract that process by which to seize and break down harmful substances. It is known that especially fruit contains a lot of antioxidants.

Blueberry is a good source of antioxidants

The blueberry is a super supplier of antioxidants. Many people think that the blueberry is the same as the blueberry and bilberry name stands for the same berry and blueberry, but that is definitely not true. The blueberry is darker and inside reddish flesh. In addition, it is smaller. However, the blueberry is a berry grown thicker than the blueberry and has white flesh inside. They grow on bushes that sometimes more than two meters tall can be. In the beautiful color of the skin is a substance that is not only anti-inflammatory, but also can prevent aging and also lower cholesterol.

Slimming with blueberry

The blueberry can be combined with a slimming diet. It provides few calories, but against a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutrients that you just can use well during such a diet. She helps you so healthy diet through the weeks go.

The blueberry is not combine with milk or yogurt

It is known that are recognized by the combination of blue berries with yoghurt, milk, ice cream, and so on, much less of the blue berry good nutrients through the gut. It is better to eat it just out of hand if one wants to really benefit. Especially the sick and people who need to redecorate from surgery or illness, these berries therefore better just pure food. Combination on a small vlaaitje or cake can always, as long as no whipped cream is done. Incidentally, also does an addition of sugar, partially offset to the intake of the healthy substances.

Fun applications of blueberries in the diet for everyone

You do not have to cost out what it costs the most out of the blue berry and you feel you can just enjoy him then process the blueberries naturally in desserts, ice cream, flan and pie. Mixed with cleaned, washed red and white currants and some half strawberries on a flan bottom you get a fantastic healthy pie, where anyone with a love of his or her teeth into.

Buying and storing berries

Buy only blue berries that look beautiful and healthy. If not eaten right away the same day, you can store them in a box in the refrigerator .. Not too long because they quickly deteriorate. At most, so keep three or four days.

One or two bushes in the garden

A bush of blueberries in your yard, just between the plants you provide for the spring of cute, white flowers and in summer many beautiful, healthy berries. Incidentally are also birds, especially blackbirds, very fond of. It is also recommended to stretch a net across the bush begin by the time the berries to color, otherwise the birds you and for you there is not much to pick from.

Blueberries freeze

Blueberries can be frozen. Wash berries after harvest carefully, spread them out on a plate on a piece of greaseproof paper and slide them into the freezer. If they are frozen, you can do them in a container. They are no longer so vulnerable. That way you can in the winter eat blueberries.