The burger - history and preparation

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In some countries, hamburgers eaten everywhere and it is almost sustenance No. 1. But one hamburger is not the other. Create your own burger is perhaps the best option.

Burger pure meat and not refrozen

In many countries hamburgers are eaten as Canada and the United States. Yet it is not sticky things consumed en masse in the Netherlands or who are found in every supermarket. A hamburger hear because of good meat to be made and not pieces of meat that have been ground into something indefinable.

The history of the hamburger

The burger is actually a long time, but has a strange background. Fighters from the army of Genghis Khan both did during their conquests pieces of raw beef under their saddles. By riding was meat as it were massaged and the meat was still tender. Only later the meat was actually prepared with eggs and onion. The burger was really popular when the grandson of Genghis Khan Kublai Kan called Moscow had conquered and introduced the massaged meat. The Russians made the meat taste better by putting eggs and onions to mix through. That led to a fuller and richer flavor.

The Hamburg as it is known in 2010

The burger in 2010 was first prepared in the city of Hamburg. Since the meat was first fried and then served on a round bun. German emigrants who left for the United States took this recipe and it stood at the cradle of the modern hamburger.

The most famous hamburger World

The biggest burger in the world is the Big Mac of fast food chain McDonald ?? s. The Whopper from Burger King is known to many all over the world.

The Big Mac index

Purchasing power differences between countries can be measured with the Big Mac index. Here, the purchasing power of the dollar compared with those of another currency. On the basis thereof can be determined how many dollar coin is actually worth. It can also be determined whether the inwisselkoers is too low or too high. The purchasing power comparison, according to the Big Mac index done by looking at the price of a Big Mac at McDonald ?? s. The Big Mac is the same everywhere everywhere prepared and satisfies the same requirements and therefore has a constant quality. That is why he is regarded as a fixed value.

Wimpy hamburger chain

Long before McDonald ?? s and Burger King were known was the Wimpy was. In the Netherlands in the years ?? 70 in almost all large cities where a Wimpy burgers were sold. In England and in South Africa is the Wimpy still popular.

Burgers in the Netherlands are often made Flesh

The burgers sold in many supermarkets consist refrozen. These are the remains of horses and poultry. The pieces are sprayed under high pressure from the bone and are then processed into a type of meat dough. Of meat dough are then made all kinds of products such as chicken nuggets, burgers or fast food.

Good burgers

A good burger, however, is not part of the remainder to be made flesh, but of pure ground or minced beef. In the original recipe, it is defined as a part entrecote steak and two parts. Even in hamburger chains in Canada and the US burger served with Angus beef from the cattle from Ireland. For a burger with fries and drink consumers pay maybe 10 bucks or less.

How to fry a hamburger?

An original hamburger beef should be cooked or grilled over high heat. Also, in its recipe for all sorts of things added such as herbs and egg. The meat must then be placed on a round bun and topped with vegetables such as lettuce and tomato. There will also be ketchup, mustard and a pickle on.

The most expensive burger in the world

Many people think that a hamburger is junk food. In the original perception is that far from being the case. Moreover, a well-prepared beef hamburger absolutely no junk food, but a good meal. The most expensive burger is incidentally served at the Wall Street Burger Shoppe in New York. This citizen of Japanese Kobe is topped with black truffles, foie gras, Gruyere and on top of that is edible gold leaf. There has to be paid for something, namely $ 175.