The central final examination 2015

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As of the 2014-2015 school year, the final test will be introduced for all students of grade 8. The central government sets the final test available to all schools. What is the central final test? The central final test required? Why the central final test? When taken the final test center in 2015? When the result of the final test center in 2015 and what is known as the school advice differs from the result of the final test center?

Central posttest 2015

All students of grade 8 to make a final test from next school year for math and language. In the central final test is also wereldorintatie. This does not count in the overall assessment for further education.

The central final test required?

No, schools are obliged to conduct a final test for language and arithmetic, but this need not be the main final test. Schools can choose from tests which have been approved by the Ministry. In the first year, schools may also use some keys from a special arrangement.
In general, the schools in the past, the Cito Final Test declined choose the central final test, the successor to the Cito Final test issued by the same organization.

Why a mandatory final exam?

The final exam is mandatory as an independent and objective measurement to see how far mastering the students of grade 8 language and mathematics. In addition, the results of the final test can be used to look next to the advice of the teacher for secondary education.
The results of the final exam are also used by the Inspectorate of Education to see whether the proceeds of the school's expectations. These results are included in the overall assessment by the Education Inspectorate of the respective school.
For students of grade 8 school for Special Education and Special Education is the final test in 2015 not yet mandatory. In future, the final test PO is also mandatory for these students.

Why the central final test?

Many schools will choose the final test center because they already Cito final test decreased in the past. This button will change from the school year 2014-2015 in the central final test. This is also the key that is made available by the government.

What is the main final exam in 2015?

The central final examination in 2015 consists of two parts:
  • Count
  • Language

In addition, schools can optionally participate in the world orientation key. In the Cito Final Test were always reviewed study skills. This component is integrated in the parts count and language.

When the final test center in 2015?

The central final test is conducted in the 2nd half-April. The test takes a total of three sessions to complete. When you choose the button wereldorintatie then this also falls within the three sessions. The paper main final test is taken on in 2015:
  • Tuesday 21
  • Wednesday 22
  • Thursday, April 23

Digital Hub final test is taken on in 2015:
  • Wednesday 15
  • Thursday 16
  • Friday, April 17th
or at:
  • Tuesday 28
  • Wednesday 29
  • Thursday, April 30th

The central final test in 2015 on paper or digital?

Primary schools which charge only the keys and want to take language can opt for both the paper and the digital version of the central posttest 2015. Schools also part wereldorintatie want to test all the elements on paper. Perhaps this will change in the future.

Level B and Level N

The central final test can be taken at two levels;
  • Level N; final test N, for pupils who are expected to be the best in the basic vocational education or advanced vocational education.
  • Level B; B final test, for pupils who are expected to fit best in the mixed / theoretical education or higher.

Both versions contain the same elements and the same number of assignments. The environmental studies test is the same for everyone and is conducted on one level.

Customized versions

The central final test is offered in different customized versions of the same content;
  • a Braille version.
  • an audio version; eg for pupils with reading difficulties or visual impairments.
  • a PDF suitable for text-to-speech software; eg for students with dyslexia or visual impairment.
  • an enlarged version; eg for students with dyslexia or visual impairment.
  • a black and white version of normal size; for color blind students.
Schools decide on possible time grant for certain students.

Result central final examination 2015

Schools have four weeks after the results of the 2015 central final test for each student in a student report on paper. Returning to schools through a special portal Cito view results per pupil digitally.

What if the school advice is different from the result of the central final test?

Before March 1, the school must have issued a recommendation for secondary education. The central final test will only be taken after that. If the failure results from the pivotal final test higher than the school advice, then the school must rethink the school advice. Is the result of the central final test lower than the earlier school advice, then the school may not change this opinion.