The Children's Ombudsman

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Human rights are important not only for adults. Children have rights too. To check whether children's rights are respected in the Netherlands, the government by April 1, 2011 appointed a Children's Ombudsman. Why is there a separate ombudsman for children? How he investigates whether children's rights are upheld? And who is actually these children's ombudsman and where can it be found? These and other questions about the Children's Ombudsman is given an answer in this article.


In the Netherlands we have a national ombudsman since 1982. In countries around the phenomenon Ombudsman us has been around much longer. Sweden had followed the leader and later other countries. The powers of the national ombudsmen vary by country. All countries have made the legislation that the Ombudsman is independent and has the task to act impartially on complaints about the government.
In the Netherlands the task of the National Ombudsman is not only enshrined in law, but even in the Constitution. In this Constitution provides inter alia that the National Ombudsman, like the Senate and House, the State Council and the Court of Audit ?? High Council of State ?? is. The High Councils operate formally considered independent of the government. The National Ombudsman is appointed by Parliament for a term of six years. Every year, they report to the House.

Powers of the National Ombudsman

The National Ombudsman deals with complaints from people who are unhappy with the handling of their complaint by a public authority. If the complaint according to the public is not sufficiently resolved, the citizen can turn to the National Ombudsman. This can then start an investigation. The public authority is obliged to cooperate in the investigation, but has no obligation to do anything with the final investigation judgment.
The Children's Ombudsman
International was increasingly urged Netherlands for the arrival of a separate Children's Ombudsman. Its task is to protect the rights of ?? the Convention on the Rights of the Child ?? to achieve as much as possible in our country. The Children's Ombudsman is trying to improve the position of children and youth in the Netherlands structural.

What does the Ombudsman for Children?

In 1989, the United Nations children's rights enshrined in the Convention on ?? the right of the child ??. This agreement is based upon the ?? Universal Declaration of Human Rights ??. The CRC is appointed that children have a right to include care, education, healthcare, food, a roof over their heads and education. They are also entitled to protection from violence, discrimination and abuse. In addition, children have a right to free speech and public participation in matters that affect them. For these children's rights to be secure in the Netherlands Children's Ombudsman performs the following tasks:
  • ¬†Check whether the government, schools, childcare organizations and child welfare agencies abide by the Treaty.
  • Investigate possible violations of the rights of children and youth.
  • Informing and educating young people about their rights.
  • Handling complaints.

What can the Ombudsman for Children in violations of children's rights?
The Children's Ombudsman will bring the violations of the rights of children to the attention of politics and administration. In 2012 the Children's Ombudsman has done more research on children who, despite their right to education, not going to school. One of its activities was to investigate the potential of children themselves to be heard by a judge. In 2013 the Children's Ombudsman has opened a hotline for children who live in poverty.

Who is the Children's Ombudsman?

Since April 1, 2011, Marc Dullaert the Dutch Children's Ombudsman. Marc Dullaert was born in 1963 in Zutphen and worked at Foster Parents, Ivo Niehe Productions and the European D & D Media Group. In 2003, he and two others founded the Foundation for Child Rights. He has since become the chairman of the foundation dedicated to the rights of children in developing countries. He is also founder of the International Children.

Contact the Children's Ombudsman

Children and young people the Children's Ombudsman can email, call or write a letter. For contact details see also possible to follow the Children's Ombudsman on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter