The Coca Cola Company - An anti-Islamic brand?

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Coca Cola is a registered trademark in 1893. It is a very popular soft drinks are available throughout the world. In Belgium and the Netherlands is called simply Cola, in English they call it coke.

Coca Cola

It was invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton, who drink developed as a drug for include headaches and fatigue. The name of Coca Cola invented Frank Robinson, the logo also comes from him. Coca Cola is a special drink by its secret ingredients, 7x is his secret ingredient. Only the employees of Coca Cola know what this component.

Anti-Islam - Pro-Israel

There are many rumors that Coca-Cola contains harmful substances, in some countries it is even forbidden to drink Coca Cola. This is because harmful substances are found during investigations in laboratories. A famous university in Egypt declares that Muslims not allowed to drink Coca Cola because the harmful substances were banned by Islamic law.
Click to vergrotingDit is not everything it is said. The logo would make a reference to anti-Islamism. The logo would be made so that the mirror yields something anti-Islamic. In the pictures is step by step to see how they came to such a decision


This is not seen as an official document but many Muslims are convinced that this can not be accidental but just as many Muslims also say that it is a coincidence. It is up to the reader to think about whether this is a coincidence or not. I think this is just pure coincidence. Thank you for the official evidence