The complete car cleaning

Auto AlexCapownt July 27, 2016 0 44
A car full cleaning is much more than washing alone. It is recommended that the car still a two-times a year to give a more thorough brushing. Even when selling the vehicle cleanliness plays a very large role. For a clean car can quickly several hundred euros more, and it costs you nothing if you want to do this yourself. This article clearly discussed with the products and technologies we have to work. Who does not like to own it really start to work, can always rely on a car cleaning company, you still get profit from it by selling the car.


Some people have been here for some big mistakes. It is very important that sufficient rinsed off in between to avoid scratches. We start like this. Rinse the car with a garden hose. Do not forget to rinse the wheel arches, because that gets stuck most dirt. After rinsing, you can start soaping. Use them quite a normal car shampoo, which subsequently gives more shine than ordinary detergent. Very important is to pass as last soaping in the wheels and wheel arches, to avoid scratching the bodywork. The dirt and sand namely sticking in your sponge, if you go on cause you're guaranteed paintwork scratches, would you just as well with sandpaper can wash your car. After soaping rinse the car completely from top to bottom, rinse certainly from the wheel well because there will most dirt come from. If you really do not get the rims clean chaste you the best with an acid-free wheel cleaner, which are possible to find any do it yourself back. For drying, we make best use of an ordinary chamois, this still works out the best experience. Working back from top to bottom until the entire vehicle is dry. Remember afterwards not to dry off the door moldings. So, the car has been washed, only now begins the real cleaning.

Simonis Eren

You have probably already heard, but few know exactly what it is and how to get started. Simonis Eren is the application of a gloss finish on the paint of your car. This layer protects the paint from the weather. After the wax polishing the car shines like new and in the summer the stick flies far less quickly. Simonis Eren do your best just after the car washed to avoid the risk of scratches. It goes like this. You take the bus simonis, put some of it on a soft cloth and rub thus the entire carriage. Allow to dry product, then simply polish with a clean soft cloth, your car is gesimoniseerd now.


This can easily do with a regular vacuum cleaner. There are however special attachments for the vacuum cleaner, for example, mats and in little nooks between vacuuming seats. Removing dog hair is, however, a difficult task. There are rubber hand brushes on the market that facilitate the job. You go a few times back and forth with the brush while you suck up the loose hair, this seems to me to be the best technique to remove pet hair on the interior.

Tires and dashboard

To renew and nourish of plastic and rubber products and there are a few tricks. First wipe all the dust off with a cloth, then use a special nourishing milk. Put it on a sponge and rub it into the dashboard. You will see that the dashboard afterwards back like new. For the tires we use special bandenvet also readily available commercially. Also do it on a sponge and rub it in the tires, which will then really shine!


Even though it suffered from fingerprints and other impurities on the windows? This is very simple to solve. You can clean the windows best with a regular glass cleaner, or use a special degreasing foam specially designed for cleaning cars, both are effective. Spray the window with this product, then dry with a moisture absorbing cloth wipe dry. It is very important that you rub the windows completely dry, otherwise you sit with spots. You do both inside and outside of the windows. In itself it is a simple job, but it still requires some experience to the windows to get completely clean. For stubborn dirt, it can not remove the glass cleaner, you can use fine steel wool. Just with a little circular movements over the dirt, you will see that this method works very well. Do not worry, fine steel wool does not scratch glass.