The danger of aspartame

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Do you know someone who has fallen from light products? That chance is small. Aspartame will usher appetite! It is just one of the many side effects. Aspartame, a substance that is 200 times sweeter than sugar, is in many grocery products. Not only in diet products. It's in cookies, candies, jams, desserts and cakes. It's on the label as aspartame or E951.


  • Approved does not automatically safe
  • Most controversial sweetener
  • Aura of health
  • Cancer researchers are worried
  • Positive outcomes, sponsored by pharmaceutical industry
  • Monsanto says it's safe
  • Donald Rumsfeld
  • Methanol, pure poison
  • Formaldehyde
  • How aspartame breaks down in the body?
  • 92 The side effects of aspartame
  • Mental decline aspartame

Approved does not automatically safe

Aspartame is an approved sweetener, otherwise not allowed to sit in productem. It is not always true that government-affiliated bodies recognize dangers. Take for example asbestos. In the years 50, 60 and 70 were made plenty of rooftops and in the 80's it was suddenly a toxin. Another example is nuclear power plants. In the 50 years to 2010 could not, nuclear energy was the future but now they want major industrial economies such as Japan and Germany from their nuclear power plants off.

Most controversial sweetener

Aspartame is a substance which has for years been a major controversy. There are many independent wetenschapplijke studies that point to dozens of serious side effects of aspartame. Unfortunately, it is true that if a product has a commercial interest can ignore this science rather sure that they get further research. Businesses are investigating whether finance research showing that the substance is harmless.

Aura of health

Arise in our world all kinds of scientific myths surrounding products so that companies can give a product an aura of health. Examples is the myth: cholesterol leads to heart disease. Although we in the Netherlands repeatedly told that cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis and heart attack, is not a scientific answer about it. Aspartame is the same. The question you may ask is why aspartame was approved?

Cancer researchers are worried

Aspartame was first approved in the United States, after it had been condemned for many years. A product is tested extensively before it reaches the market. It is tested on consumers. Consumers in the US recorded a whopping 7000 side effects after ingesting aspartame. Yet aspartame favored. Cancer researchers in the US is seeing an increase in brain tumors since aspartame on the market. Scientists say there is a suspicion that aspartame caused brain tumors. Despite their concern is aspartame not subject to all kinds of large-scale re-examine.

Positive outcomes, sponsored by pharmaceutical industry

In 1996 there were 184 medical studies on the side effects of aspartame. 74 Surveys were funded by the food industry. These studies concluded that aspartame was harmless. The remaining 90 studies were done by independent scientific research. 83 Studies found that there are health problems with sticking aspartame. What it comes down to is that companies have so much money that there is another study for each study with a negative outcome for them is done with positive outcome. Companies also have the opportunity to generate a lot of publicity that ordinary research can not do. As a result, there was little fuss made about studies that conclude that aspartame is bad.

Monsanto says it's safe

Aspartame is, inter alia, made by Monsanto. The food giant has several companies and one of them produces only aspartame. They say that aspartame is harmless. Scientists speak against it. In 1975 there's been cancer formation discovered in laboratory animals. But are these sick animals outside the research held at that time. Aspartame has as already mentioned very long time to be approved. Therefore, companies and people who work at a food authority say it is the most tested substance in the world.

Donald Rumsfeld

At the time that aspartame was approved, it was Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush was the head of GD Searle & Company, which later brought aspartame on the market. He was no stranger to politics in the 70 and 80. For example, he had to fight on behalf of Reagan negotiated with Saddam Hussein. He joined a transitional team, when Reagan became president. The first day he worked for President Reagan, he has a different head of the FDA, the food authority in the US, was appointed. The FDA had refused at that time for 16 years to approve aspartame. The new boss named Arthur Hayes. He overrulede all scientists with their scientific research gestoelde objection to aspartame. From that day on Aspartame came on the market in the US The same kind of studies have also ensured that it was not rapidly after introduced worldwide. Arthur Hayes quickly got a new job, he was the PR agency Searle go to work! The latest data on the proven corrupt Rumsfeld are not in his biography on Wikipedia.
 Among the less serious side effects are: dizziness, nausea, headache, shivering, memory loss and tinnitus.

Methanol, pure poison

Asapartaam ​​is broken down in the body. One of the substances which are formed is methanol. This is a highly toxic substance that is badly broken. It can cause blindness. Moreover, it gives an addictive effect, there have been cases of people drinking so much diet cola that she fell down suddenly dead. Methanol causes you to constantly diet-cola will. At some point your body is filled with methanol. The lethal dose is 25 grams.


Asapartaam ​​causes your body to produce formaldehyde. That is a carcinogen. There's more to formaldehyde in the body than the maximum limits. So it is a toxic substance that you ingest too much. Giftiige levels are reached after drinking one glass of diet coke. Problem here is that many people do not notice. Because of the abundance of impulses from the outside we have forgotten how to listen for signals from our own body. Formaldehyde is formed from methanol which is in aspartame.

How aspartame breaks down in the body?

First the body breaks down the aspartame compound in phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. From each of these substances occur one molecule. The latter is an endogenous amino acid. The difference is that is the aspartic acid in aspartame is synthetic. But because scientists assume that synthetic fabrics work the same as endogenous substances, they suspect no danger to aspartic acid. Aspartic acid but acts as a neurotransmitter. If you take a lot of aspartame to you, and it might just be as you know it is in 5000 products, it breaks through the blood-brain barrier making direct contact with the central nervous system. This is probably the cause of epilepsy is a side effect of aspartame. But this matter is again hardly done research because the abundance of positive studies and the unwillingness to fund such studies do bleed to death every scientific activity.
Do your own research on aspartame on the Internet.

92 The side effects of aspartame

FDA studies, the US Food Authority indicated that aspartame 92 has side effects reported by 7,000 people. That is usually enough to ban a substance. That happened 16 years until the FDA received a corrupt boss. Among the adverse reactions were: brain cancer, mammary gland cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Mental decline aspartame

On the internet there are many websites with a'onderzoek' Jeanne Wahlen with base some studies sponsored by industry. This research is a conclusion on the three substances in aspartame consists of methanol, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Although methonol and aspartic acid is toxic to the body ... the toxic values ​​of the body will never be exceeded ... but a little bit of phenylalanine can cause serious brain damage for people suffering from phenylketonuria. They need this product mijden.¨ That is in itself a very serious side effect. In the Netherlands there are around 1000 people with this disease all run the risk of severe brain damage by drinking diet products. It could well be that people who do get this disease have a very mild form of brain damage that is serious in the long run. Unfortunately, no long-term scientific research done in this field.