The day after tomorrow is closer than you think

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Do you know the film The Day after Tomorrow ?? ??? I saw this movie when I was working as ecovrijwilliger at projeto lontra in Brazil. This 2004 film, directed by Roland Emmerich, is a kind of science fiction story in which the climate is changing dramatically as a result of global warming. But how long will these images still fiction?

Extreme weather

In The Day after Tomorrow we get a lot of extreme weather dished. The polar ice caps are melting and the Gulf Stream is disturbed. This causes violent storms across the northern hemisphere, which culminating resulting in a short ice age. Jack Hall is a climatologist and this weather pattern - the only ?? predicted. Apocalyptic storms are about to erupt and threaten within the next two weeks to change the entire northern hemisphere into an ice rink. We see how some scientists take desperate attempts to put the government on notice of any danger, but where the film ultimately equate, the struggle for survival of Hall and his son Sam, who is stuck in the Central Library of Manhattan. If Sam himself can not come home, Hall decides to go look for his son in New York.

Happy end?!

The film switches between the life and work of Hall - weather conferences, weather data from satellites, advice to the government - and the survival strategies of Sam and his friends. The storm is following in rapid succession, from bad to worse: hailstones the size of a handball, tornadoes, heavy rain and snowfall, tidal waves and lots of dark skies.
Overall, it is a film with a lot of bizarre weather and disasters, but still a little human being created by the search from father to son. And as befits an American film, the film is still a happy ending. At the end of the film there are countless masses ?? s people died, but zooms on the people who survived the extreme weather, waving on the roof of a skyscraper. Party! Bit of a shame though. It seems that in ?? The day after tomorrow ?? climate change is mainly used as an opportunity to show amazing special effects, but the reality is perhaps just as insane. By the happy ending of the film is not directly create the impression that we should be concerned. However, a series of interviews with the film in which experts tell us that the science fiction images from ?? The day after tomorrow ?? just be reality. Pfoeh, I was a bit sad to be.

Fiction or reality?

You wonder how long the misery of the film remains fiction. I think we are doing pretty well in the Netherlands to reduce the environmental impact, but in Brazil, for example environmental state really still in its infancy. In the supermarket you get handed out plenty of plastic bags, sometimes almost for each message a separate bag. Separated collection is an unknown phenomenon. I read in the paper that under the Lula government more trees are felled in the Amazon rainforest than ever before, an area of ​​five football fields per hour! Incredible! See my story on the river filled Coke bottles.
The catastrophic weather conditions from ?? The day after tomorrow ?? sometimes seem too come very close. I read in a news magazine in 2005 that in October that year, within 14 days eleven disasters occurred worldwide. From floods to severe droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons. Or think of Christmas 2005: the tsunami. The massive earthquake in Pakistan, or Katrina thrashing heavily in the United States. A recent issue of the newspaper that a huge piece of ice floe of 6000 square kilometers is aborted. Extreme weather enough you might say. Enough to make you a little worried about the future, but also to motivate yourself again what more conscious life often leave their cars at home, actively participate in the annual tree planting and / or educate others about the importance of caring for our habitat. ?? The day after tomorrow ?? can be a good start to release a discussion about climate change and our role in it, and what we can do to prevent that kind of disaster ?? s. Or have for too long we stuck our heads in the sand?