The Dead Sea, lowest sea in the world

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Everyone has heard of the two peculiarities of the Dead Sea. It is the lowest sea in the world and you just keep on driving. Below we give the Dead Sea in a Nutshell.


The Dead Sea is located on the border of Israel and Jordan. Its surface is about 418 meters below sea level.


The Dead Sea is caused by a piece of the fault line that runs along the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the Aravavallei, was filled with water from the Jordan River. The sea is currently about 1000 square kilometers.


Previously, the sea covered a much larger portion of the fault line and formed an integral part of the Sea of ​​Galilee, but the other pieces Aravavallei and dried out in the course of the centuries. This dehydration is partly due to the climate of the region, but also because man draws a lot of water in the Jordan River and Lake Tiberias.

Special characteristics

The special properties of the Dead Sea are natural, on the one hand its very low water level compared to the Mediterranean sea level and of course the high concentration of dissolved substances in the seawater. The latter is the cause of the Dead Sea in which substantially no life is possible, unless the micro-organisms.

The Salt Sea

It is therefore understandable that the Dead Sea in Hebrew, the name given by Salty sea. The water that brings the rivers to the sea, is full of sediments, which include many more salts. The supplied water, however, always evaporates but the salt stays behind. This can be compared to the scale deposits in the coffee. All the water which is molded here, is evaporated in order to be fed to the coffee filter, but the lime is going to accumulate more and more until there is a visible layer of scale is located on the bottom of the unit. This is a sea just the same. If moreover, always decreases the water volume, these salts will, of course, still occur in higher concentration.


A piece of cork stays in our tub float because its density is lower than that of the bathwater. The soap bar, however, immediately sinks to the bottom, because its specific gravity is higher than that of water. However, the man exists, depending on its model, for 70 to 80% water. The remaining mass largely consists of heavier components. In our bath the human being will thus be just slightly heavier than the surrounding water and sink gently. If we the density of our bath water so could increase, the water becomes heavier than the man, then we float like our piece of cork. That is exactly what happens in the Dead Sea. Because of the enormous amount of dissolved salt in the water, it is slightly heavier than the swimmer who just floats.

The flip side of the coin

The death of the Dead Sea on the other hand is a source of income through tourism and spas.

Dead Sea salt

Dead Sea salt has the reputation of having a positive effect on psoriasis. For these and other skin ailments bags many people off to the spas at the Dead Sea. On the other hand, this salt is also set to win and exported for the same applications.


The region not only attracts tourists to the peculiar properties of the sea. Archaeology is also much to experience. Masada and Qumran course of international value.

Attempts to save the Dead Sea

There are international projects to restore the level of the Dead Sea as far as possible by irrigation from the Black Sea.