The Drug Cards

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?? So cunning as a fox ?? , ?? As strong as a bear ??, ?? Wise as an owl ??. These statements are for us only an expression but the Indians from America take the senses with animals a lot further. The Medicine Cards is an oracle that is based on the Animal Totem American Indian tribes.


According to ancient Indian traditions, each individual is connected with spirit guides who embodies by animals. On the road of life come and go several guides. Usually this is not literally but more in the form of life lessons that help us with our personal growth and finding our true path in life. An animal may have certain qualities that a man can learn. Every individual, however, has one animal guide that will remain forever with that person, even in the afterlife. This individual possesses the same qualities as that animal or has those qualities need it. This main guide is your totem. To decide which animal is your totem, you can research by recognizing the correct characters. This could for instance be manifested by animals that appear in your dreams or you come with repeated coincidences in your daily life in maybe a magazine, on TV, during a walk, etc. You may feel a strong attraction to a particular species or have you strong interest in paintings, pictures or statues of an animal?
The Medicine Cards can be a tool to help you. Not only with finding the head guide, they are helpful but they too can be a good adviser in your personal growth and finding your true path in life. The drug cards refers to anything that promotes personal growth, strength and understanding, the healing of body and mind.


The suit medicine cards consists of 44 cards with each card on an image of an animal. Each animal has a special meaning and, with advice, counsel and insight. Below is the list of the 44 depicted animals and what they represent. More detailed interpretations can be found in the books and information that exists on this subject.
  • Arend ?? Spirit
  • Hawk ?? Messenger
  • Wapiti ?? Endurance
  • Deer ?? Kindness, gentleness
  • Beer ?? Introspection, know yourself
  • Hose ?? Transmutation
  • Skunk ?? Reputation
  • Otter ?? Women drug
  • Butterfly ?? Transformation, metamorphosis
  • Tortoise ?? Mother Earth
  • Moose ?? Self-esteem
  • Porcupine ?? Innocence
  • Coyote ?? Impostor
  • Dog ?? Faithfulness
  • Wolf ?? Teacher
  • Raven ?? Magic
  • Mountain Lion ?? Leadership
  • Lynx ?? Secrets
  • Buffalo ?? Prayer and Abundance
  • Mouse ?? Accurate research
  • Owl ?? Deception
  • Beaver ?? Builder
  • Possum ?? Diversion
  • Crow ?? Law
  • Fox ?? Camouflage
  • Squirrel ?? Collect
  • Waterjuffer ?? Illusion
  • Armadillo ?? Confines
  • Das ?? Aggressiveness
  • Rabbit ?? Anxiety
  • Turkey ?? Give away
  • Ant ?? Patience
  • Weasel ?? Stealth
  • Black Grouse - Sacred Spiral
  • Horse ?? Power
  • Lizard ?? Dream
  • Antelope ?? Action
  • Frog ?? Purification
  • Swan ?? Gracefulness
  • Dolphin ?? Manna
  • Whale ?? Archivist
  • Bat ?? Rebirth
  • Spin ?? Weave
  • Hummingbird ?? Joy

  • The laying of the cards

    Shuffle the cards in your own way, by being in the hand shaking or by washing them. Make sure the cards with the pictures lying down.
    Let the animals in silence speak to you once you've read have turned them with their face up and the information about their meaning.
    As is true with most oracles, stand as open as possible by clearing your mind and strong feelings or desires to set aside. A critical attitude, prejudice, or other negative thoughts will work like a boomerang and block your communication with the animals / cards. Like the animals also deserve the cards a loving and respectful attitude.