The emergence of Joan of Arc: Her journey to the King

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The life of Joan of Arc, however briefly, the French identity has formed into what it is today. Jeanne d'Arc has not only accomplished in her life, but especially by her death. Even centuries later, in the trenches of the First World War, she managed to inspire the warring French and motivate. Today her remarkable life is often filmed and described, although not all narratives based on the facts as they are known today. Below is a brief outline of Joan of Arc's life, as has occurred in all probability

Joan of Arc's life

Although the life of Joan of Arc was short-lived, its life has a volatile and remarkable progress than that of most people. This remarkable life actually begins when she is 13 years; we are, in the year 1425. At this age they begin to receive voices and images of various saints, including Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine. These voices encourage her to live piously. Later, when she was 16, says the Saint Catherine again against her; This time she has a job for the young Joan of Arc in store. Jeanne d'Arc is asked to rid the city of Orléans and the French dauphin Charles VII to make the crowns in Reims. This town at the time was occupied by the British invasion force.

Backgrounds of the Hundred Years War at the time of Joan of Arc

The orders received by Jeanne D ?? arc through voting they had to perform in France, which at that time was suffering from the effects of the so-called Hundred Years War ?? ??, which took place from 1337 to 1453. This war had arisen from disagreement over the French throne. In 1328 the then King died last descendant of the royal family. The Capetian House thus came to an end. There are two noble ministered to who made both claim to the French throne. This of course meant war! On one side stood the Frenchman Philip, who also ended the French throne. On the other side was the Englishman Edward III. Both were already in power, but Edward III felt he had the right, next to the English throne, also the French throne to claim. He sent troops and for a hundred years France was the scene of the battle between the armies of Philip IV and Edward III. The British were successful and held periodic large areas in their possession, including Paris! The turning point came when Joan ?? arc in accomplishing the task she was told by voices, won the confidence of the still uncrowned French King Charles VII.

Jeacques d'Arc, the father of Jeanne d'Arc

One morning told Jacques d ?? Arc to his wife Isabelle that he had had an anxious dream. He was there to experience that his teenage daughter had left home and was left in the company of a group of warriors. He was quite shocked, Isabelle also touched by his story quite upset. Dealing with soldiers was completely inappropriate for a young girl and also dangerous! If thereby they would come to be known then that would have been a disaster not only for herself but also for her family. Jacques therefore presented her brothers all of his dream. If the thing were to happen which he feared he would want them to drown their sister. And if they would not do it he would keep it herself under water.
Jacques d ?? Arc, omsteeks born in 1375, lived with his wife Isabelle in a small stone house near the church of Domremy. There their five children were born; three sons and two daughters of which is Jeanne. Jeanne also played the lead role in disturbing the above dream of Jacques d'Arc ?? where he would get a lot of headaches. Jeanne d ?? Arc was born on January 6, 1412 or 1413.
In the village of Domremy had to lead the people of the war. Destruction and looting have also taken place here a lot. The inhabitants living always in a state of continuous alarm. Jacques d ?? Arc, Jeanne's father, was in the village of respect by the natural authority that he possessed. Through his leadership qualities, he played an important role in the village community. So he hired, along with a partner, an abandoned castle on an island in the mesh passed Domremy. Once violence broke out, the villagers were there their cattle and their family lodging. After the mayor Jacques was the most important man in the village.

Joan of Arc youth

When Jeanne was about 13 years old wrong they hit puberty; a period in which cultural and religious awareness often takes place. Jeanne was then often to pray in the church and when she was on the land of her father at work, and the church bells started ringing, she knelt down immediately. This behavior differed with her childhood. When she did with her girlfriends heavily involved with games.
Jeanne has never been to school. Her father did not need it, he thought it was important that they could be used for chores on the land or in the household. When her childhood was over, she had to perform other tasks such as spinning and sewing. She was known as a generous and willing workforce. Domremy they found her an ordinary girl ???? ?? which are in no way distinguished from its peers. But suddenly had the aforementioned symptoms such as frequent recitation revealed. Most notable were her friends her exaggerated tendency to confess. Presumably this was due to frequent Confession with something inexplicable that Joan had happened and that her puzzled. Because she had had a dream in which she received from God instructed the Dauphin ?? ?? to help. That dream was continued. One summer day when Jeanne on the land of her father at work began to ring the church bells, and there appeared a bright light. A voice spoke; I come from God to help you to behave properly. Be brave, and God will help you. Live pure and pious, go to church and you'll be able to count on His protection. Jeanne did not know who had spoken to her, but when the voice itself on three occasions in a bright light glow had revealed to her, she realized that it had to be the Archangel Michael. When one of these apparitions Saint Michael, the young girl told them that God had ?? deeply sorry for the kingdom of France ??, and then Joan of Arc, the Dauphin had come to help so he could ascend the throne of his ancestors .
One day the Archangel told her that she would henceforth be visited by St. Catherine and St. Margaret, they were chosen by God to help her. With these two saints Jeanne was equally well known, they also were her most beloved saints.

A divine mandate to Joan of Arc

Upon their appearance to Jeanne brought a different message than the archangel Michael; ?? Daughter of God, you have to leave your village and move to France ??. There they had to bring Charles VII to Reims occupied by the enemy, so he could be crowned king as it did for centuries. After this message Jeanne became very upset, she saw herself as an ordinary girl ?? ?? and did not know how this is possibly along. She was answered her not to worry. She had to go to the neighboring town Vancouleurs and to get into conversation with Robert de Baudricourt, the royalist military commander of the town and region. This guy would make sure that they would reach the city of Bourges without problems, where Charles was.

Permission to leave for the dauphin of France Watch

Jeanne could not stay longer but had to go and make sure that the siege of Orleans was raised. The only person she could secure her mind airing, was her confessor. He was probably the first and for now also the only one who was informed of the voices that revealed itself to Jeanne. She told her parents had nothing to do with the fact that she was aware of the dream of her father. In addition, they often quarrel with her father and it is possible that it also had the reason was that her father wanted to marry her because of that. When Jeanne heard of this they offered fierce resistance and refused to take the plan into consideration. The voices persisted and became more violent and coercive. ?? Daughter of God, leave your village and go to France, I will help you, go! Go and bring the Dauphin to Reims, so that he may receive his ceremonial anointing. You should go to the commander Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs, and he will give you men to guide you to the noble Dauphin ??. Jeanne did not know how to fulfill these calls since been closely monitored because of the marriage issue. Someone who could help her was a family member; her uncle. Durand Laxart and Jeanne were very fond of each other and when he once visited his relatives in Domremy Jeanne told him about her vote. Jeanne was able to bring her story with such conviction that his cousin Durand took seriously and wanted to help her to invent an excuse so that the parents of Jeanne would permit their daughter went with him. Accompanied by her uncle Jeanne was presented at Baudricourt. ?? I got command of my master, so that you will say that he must persevere and not give up the battle with his enemies against the dauphin. My master will come to the aid of the Dauphin before mid-Lent. The rjjk belongs not to the Dauphin, but my master wants the dauphin as king will rule the empire. Despite the enemies the Dauphin king will be, and I am the one who will carry him to the coronation ??. Baudricourt responded annoyed and did not take her seriously; ?? take the girl back to her father and give her first solid beating ??! After this disappointing failure voices remained, however, keep encouraging her. Jacques d ?? Arc began to get very worried about his daughter; the fear of his aforementioned dream began to take shape. Again her uncle Durand helped her by taking her again, she was 17 years old and would never see again her village. A thing occurred to Baudricourt by and he was aware that her predictions came from God, not the devil. He gave Joan permission.
On Sunday, February 12th, 1429 left Joan of Arc with the help of six soldiers City Vaucouleurs. These soldiers had to go to protect her by order of Baudricourt. Jeanne had cut her hair and wore men's clothing and the warriors outfit some citizens had made especially for her.

Joan of Arc met King Charles VII

The journey from Vaucouleurs to Chinon was careful. Everywhere on road danger and therefore the little company preferably traveled by night and avoided wherever possible major roads and cities. During the trip was one of her escorts who rode ahead to explore the road in fear and cried out that they had gone as quickly as possible because he had seen the enemy. Joan of Arc stayed calm and said; not flee! Nothing will happen to us! That had the votes, its also reported. When Joan of Arc with the soldiers to the village of Sainte-Catherine-Fierbois had reached visited Joan of Arc regularly the chapel was dedicated to Catherine. During her stay she wrote a letter to Charles VII, announcing her arrival and asked him if he wanted to receive her. The dauphin gave permission. On Sunday, March 6th, 1429 Jeanne rode into the city. Charles VII was not sure if he could trust Joan of Arc so he devised the following plan. Jeanne then the great hall of the castle came himself had collected a number of men, the king was not present. She was introduced to the Count of Clermont and said he was the king. Joan of Arc denied that and said she would recognize the king as though she would see him, she had never met him before. Then it was presented a squire, who was treated as if he was the king, it also denied them. Finally appeared Charles VII. Jeanne went directly to the king and greeted him respectfully. ?? God grant you a happy life, noble dauphin ?? she greeted him, but Charles denied that he was the king. Jeanne replied: "In the name of God, sir, you're the king and no one else!"

After meeting with Charles VII

From this moment would start the glorious history of Joan of Arc; The king believed her and eventually she was allowed to lead the troops. This eventually led to the coronation of Charles VII, King of France. Not much later, Joan of Arc would fall into the hands of the Burgundians and the English, and she would end up on the stake. Because of inaccuracies in the trial of Joan of Arc and the status they had acquired in the meantime, the people saw her as more and more innocent people and rallied increasingly behind the idea of ​​Jeanne d'Arc for a united France under Charles VII. The Burgundian people, who had previously allied to the English, began to align themselves more openly behind Joan of Arc after her death. Ultimately this would give the French a military advantage that France could be united.