The Facial Massage | How It Works and How to Make it Home

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Facial massage is essential to maintain the elasticity of the epidermis. The wrinkles, the skin devoid of freshness, dryness, but also various dermatological problems that appear on the face are caused primarily by stress and environmental factors. Every woman knows that her skin needs special care in winter, when the cold and wind dry out the skin, and a different approach when the weather warms up in the summer. But there is another thing we forget, that the facial massage. Is done at home or in a salon with intensely moisturizing ingredients, this massage has a beneficial role and should not be omitted from our beauty ritual.

Toned skin with wrinkles less visible

The tensions accumulated over time lead to wrinkles and unsightly lines, which accelerate the aging process of the skin. To combat this problem, you may want to do a facial massage, capable of immediate and visible results.
The facial massage is the most important cosmetic operation, because it is a complex procedure that acts not only on the skin but also in the depth of the body. Properly executed, aims to offer the general welfare, but also a skin toned, relaxed, ready to face the daily aggressions and free radicals.

Why is it important

The facial massage is composed of a series of movements studied and related to each other, which take account of the lymphatic system and mimic muscles. If done regularly, it returns the fresh appearance of the skin. Here are the most important benefits:

• stimulates the penetration of the applied product;
• normalizes the blood and lymphatic circulation;
• stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers in the fabric;
• maintains and restores muscle tone;
• stimulates the nerve endings in the skin;
• detoxifies;
• oxygenates cells;
• relaxes facial muscles.

How to make herself a facial massage

Learn some massage techniques you can do at home and do not forget the exercises of facial exercises to get an enviable skin at any age. The tricks for an effective self-massage:

1. Around the eyes and lips are indicated the circular movements, always from the inside outwards.
2. On each cheek, but also around the décolleté and neck, it makes light movements and regular, from below.
3. On the front they draw small circles, concentrating on the area of ​​the temples and between the eyebrows.
4. The facial gymnastics exercises should be performed with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. In the morning take a big smile in the mirror, flex and relax the muscles of the neck and cheeks, alternating left and right eyes, opens his eyes, then make them spin.

Warning! The self-massage facial should always be performed after the daily ritual of cleansing, including the steps required for cleaning and toning. Moreover, it should only be done with a cream appropriate to the type of skin, in order to increase the effect.