The fig is good for the skin

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The fig is good for the skin

Soft and sweet, the fig is the fruit fall to be included in all your recipes. Antioxidants, minerals ... A real benefits of mine for a reasonable caloric intake.

Fig is, besides being a tasty fruit, source of many benefits. 100 g figs cover between 25 and 30% of needs in beta carotene, provitamin not synthesized by the body and is useful for skin and vision.

Two to three figs provide 10% of the daily requirement of calcium, a mineral essential for bone. Also, it contains 2.3 g of fiber per 100 g. They are mostly insoluble fiber, promoting good transit.

3 reasons to eat figs

The advice of Veronique Liegeois, dietician and nutritionist

1. The fight against constipation

"The fig contains mostly insoluble fiber, particularly in its skin and seeds, says the dietician. In recent gorging of water in the digestive tract, they avoid the hard, dry stools and facilitate the intestinal transit of constipated persons. "

Dried figs are even more effective because more fiber and magnesium, also laxative. But they are more calorie: 252 kcal / 100 g. Attention may contain sulfites, allergenic!

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2. It protects blood vessels

The fig contains anthocyanins, pigments that give it its purple color, except for some white varieties.

"These anthocyanins strengthen the resistance of small blood vessels and reduce the risk of skin redness," says Véronique Liégeois.

3. It enhances skin elasticity

Fig contains flavonoids and selenium which are antioxidants. They act, among other things, improving skin elasticity and giving it more dynamic.

How to choose and keep the fig

When buying, make sure the figs are fleshy, slightly wrinkled and soft to the touch. Be aware that they do not ripen after picking.

You will find beautiful figs until October. And in October, you can taste the figs. The best come from Turkey and are linked by a strand of raffia ..

You can choose between two varieties of figs:

  • juicy and tasty purple;
  • white, less tasty.

You can keep one to two days in the refrigerator in an airtight container because they absorb odors.

Warning in case of allergy or irritable bowel!

Boards prevention dietician.

You are allergic to birch: figs contains peptides that are close to those of birch proteins. Eaten raw, figs can then cause itching or burning sensation in the mouth, lips and throat. It can be eaten cooked, because cooking destroys the allergen.

You suffer from irritable bowel diverticulosis or: Avoid figs because their achenes are irritating. They can cause abdominal pain ...

The fig marries ...

  • Prunes are rich in antioxidants and fiber, in a sauce, ideal for preserving cells from aging and fight against constipation.
  • Orange rich in vitamin C, antioxidant blends with poached pear to make a syrup.
  • Walnut, purveyor of essential fatty acids omega-3, antioxidants promotes the absorption of the fig. To cook in a pie for example.