The five most successful Champions league players ever

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In the 2015-2016 season will be the Champions League again, it miljoenenbal where European football clubs themselves enter into the showdown with the outcome who can claim to be Europe's best football of the season. Who are the most successful players in the Champions League ever? This list is based on number of wins Champions League / European Cup titles one by 26-07-2015.

1. Paco Gento

  • Nationality: Spaniard
  • Birthdate: October 21, 1933
  • Number won Champions League titles: 6
  • Club: Racing Santander, Real madrid
  • Position: Right Winger

Francisco "Paco" Gento Lopez is a former Spanish footballer, he won in the 50 'and 60' greatest success with Real Madrid. In the season 1952/1953 Gento made his debut in the Primera Division with his former club Racing Santander. From the season 1953/1954 came Paco Gento for Real Madrid, Real Madrid, he was reputed to be quick winger with scoring ability. Thanks to his speed, he soon got the nickname "el supersónico" with Real Madrid Gento won the European Cup six times first.

2. Paolo Maldini

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Birthdate: June 26, 1968
  • Number of Champions League titles won: 5
  • Club: AC Milan
  • Position: Central defender

Paolo Maldini is a former Italian footballer, Maldini came from 1984 to 2009 for the Italian AC Milan. He played as a central defender Maldini made his debut in the first team of AC Milan at the age of 16 in the 1984/1985 season. Maldini AC Milan won the Champions League five times. Maldini was during his peak years a central defensive duo with Costacurta, Maldini stopped playing football in 2009.

3. Alessandro Costacurta

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Birthdate: April 24 1966
  • Number of Champions League titles won: 5
  • Club: AC Monza, AC milan
  • Position: Central defender

Alessandro Costacurta is a former Italian footballer, he made his debut in Serie A for AC Monza in the season 1986/1987. From the season 1987/1988 would Costacurta player of AC Milan, he won five times the Champions League with AC Milan. Costacurta was during his peak years a central defensive duo with Paolo Maldini. Costacurta quit football at the age of 41 in 2007.

4. Alfredo di Stefano

  • Nationality: Spaniard
  • Birthdate: July 4, 1926
  • Death Date: July 7, 2014
  • Number of Champions League titles won: 5
  • Club: River Plate, Millionaros, RCD Espanyol, Real Madrid
  • Position: Striker Shadow

Alfredo di Stefano was an Argentine-Spanish footballer, di Stefano is regarded by many as one of the best footballers ever. He graduated in the 60 years 50'en 'biggest results with his former club Real Madrid. Di Stefano has spent years top scorer of Real Madrid, this record was not until years later broken by Raul Gonzalez. Di Stefano won five European Cup with Real Madrid 1 titles, his nickname was "the white arrow." Di Stefano played preferably as a shadow striker.

5. Andres Iniesta

  • Nationality: Spaniard
  • Birthdate: May 11, 1984
  • Number won Champions League titles: 4
  • Club: FC Barcelona
  • Position: Central midfielder

Andres Iniesta is a Spanish footballer playing for FC Barcelona, ​​Iniesta has played his entire career for FC Barcelona. He made his debut in the first team of FC Barcelona on 29 October 2002. Iniesta is the best feet as a central midfielder and is known for its creativity, insight into the game and ball control. Iniesta won with FC Barcelona four times the Champions League.