The fries touch heavier people predisposed to obesity

Health Kravity August 8, 2016 0 0
The fries touch heavier people predisposed to obesity

More than 6 million French are obese, and diet is one of the great leaders. Frying should be avoided as it hit hardest the people predisposed to obesity. Explanations.

A study by Harvard researchers in Cambridge, the United States, with over 37,000 people, shows a link between obesity genes and greater exposure to the consumption of fried foods.

Frying fat does more obese

They checked the body mass index of obese people who ate fried food more than four times a week, and body mass index of normal weight also consuming frying four times a week.

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It turns out that obese people have their body mass index increase:

  • 1 kg per m2 for women;
  • 700 g per m2 for men.

By comparison, people with normal weight have a BMI that increases half.

Hence the importance of focusing on healthy cooking such as steamed, in foil or stew, for example. And leave some space to fruits and vegetables. The National Health and Nutrition Plan recommending, for all, to reduce consumption of fried and breaded foods.

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