The garden full of flowers from February to November

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A garden must now be especially maintenance. The construction of which is often done by a landscaper or a landscaping company that builds the garden according to the wishes of the clients. Thereby often root cloth, slow-growing plants and ground covers many uses, but also often grind in all shapes and sizes. The construction is thus usually an expensive affair. However, it can be different.

No garden is completely maintenance free

Many owners find that in the course of a few years, in spite of all precautions the weeds still raises its head again, and so here and also there should be pruned. Completely maintenance free therefore no garden. Maintenance would therefore be a better term. With the same commitment, however, you could also create a low-maintenance garden that almost throughout the year cheerfully able to bloom in colors, where you happy.

The care of the land

The soil should be loose and mostly well supplied with nutrients. Edit therefore in March with its compost, peat, sand and cow manure and spit it the ground. Here you can also use a pitchfork to, because it really does not need to go that deep. Then rake the bed or border smooth. The soil is now ready to put in there violets and a few forget-me-nots. Especially the latter are a one-time purchase, because you can use them again and again spread and a lot of fun to experience.

A garden full of spring flowers

Spring flowers are especially snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, spring bluebells, violets and forget-me-nots, daffodils and tulips, except violets and forget-me-nots are all the crops, the bulbs well before flowering in the soil planted must be. Many people do this every year, but that is completely unnecessary. Good bulbs can just stay all year in the ground and come next spring as beautiful weather above. You do most so only once to plant and have over many years every spring fun of it, if after flowering but once the seed stalk afknipt and the foliage opbindt until it's dead, so that the bulb food from the ground to gather before flowering of the following year. A free gift from mother nature. If the bloom after a few years some skinny leg then you are just a few bulbs at.

Forget-me-nots can metastasize years in the garden

In the shop takes a forget-me-not soon ?? 1.25. However, you forget-me-nots in your garden, let them come into the seed. That usually happens even before the summer flowers in the ground down so they sit summer plants do not get in the way. Once they have finished flowering, they pull out of the ground and shake the seeds in places where you want them are the following spring. Of course you should not weed a moment there, to the plants above the ground. Once they have strong enough, then you may also want to move them, but using a lot of water.

Put perennials in the garden

Those who do not feel like every year summer flowering plant, can choose perennials, such as the beautiful, deep blue iris, which naturally increases. The hydrangea is available in various colors and flourishes even two months. Old garden plants, such as thousand lupine and are clean by increasing seed and the plants also naturally extend from each year, so that the soil in the course of several years, is completely covered. Again, a one-time purchase can pay for years of enjoyment.

The soil classification good

Keep on planting the plants into account its height, so you are not the pretty little bloomers have a back seat, where they can not be seen by the larger plants in front. That would be unfortunate. Also takes into account the color, but do not make it boring. A colorful sea of ​​flowers can be tremendously beautiful.

A garden does not need a lot of work to deliver

Hoe not too often, but once in early May sprinkle flower seeds on the clearings. Take for example this purpose seeds of snapdragons, larkspur and other beautiful flowers species. In this way, everything grows dense fine and flourishes in the course of time too. alyssum is also a plant that grows like a weed, spreads itself and again the following year can provide a sea of ​​flowers. Plant it too close to your patio or garden, however, because before you know it, though it blooms between the tiles.

All summer flowers

Those who do not mind the late spring every year after summer flowering plant, can put the plant among the dead bulbs. In this way grows the border or bed pretty soon close. Summer flowering often have bright colors and usually make a happy picture of your garden. Do not put them too close, but also not too far apart. That way, you will no measurable hoeing and only here and there to pull out a weed. Where plants are, indeed grows no, or very little, weeds. Opt for summer flowers from blooming until it starts freezing. Suitable are geraniums, fuchsias ?? s ?? s begonias, marigolds, salvia ?? s, ageratums, Impatiens, Petunia ?? s, lobelia ?? s, and so on.

The low maintenance garden

Once everything is in the ground, then it's just a matter of picking out the faded flowers and give to severe drought water. But there are also systems, which you yourself have almost no problems anymore. That way you get for years of work with one or two days a whole summer full of garden fun. Just before it starts freezing, you only need to draw the summer flowering plants from the soil and to plant winter pansies. The rest comes in the following spring all naturally look up. You will have a colorful spring garden where you have to do nothing.