The Hague Historical Museum

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In the Hague Historical Museum, located in the historic heart of The Hague until February 6, 2011 to see an exhibition of the collection of paintings of the Hague Baron Van Heeckeren entitled "An Hague Baron and his treasures." The exhibition consists mainly works by contemporary painters.

The Hague Historical Museum

The Hague Historical Museum is located in the Saint Sebastian Goals in the historic heart of The Hague. The property was built in 1636, where previously stood the Destination Port, some cross-shaped vaults have been preserved. Shooters Guild of Saint Sebastian used the property for parties and gatherings. Their shooting were directly behind the building.
"Targets" was a practice site or shooting range for archers and rifle-armed members of the militia in the Netherlands. Later it was named "Targets" for a building in which archers practiced.
Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, among others. He was also one of the six pest saints; children were given his name to ward off the plague and other horrific diseases.

A Hague Baron and his treasures

That is the title of the ongoing exhibition at the Historical Museum. After 150 years, a large part of the collection of Heeckeren reoccur in The Hague. The exhibition is arranged on the first floor of the museum and includes four halls with the art collection of the Baron, furniture, personal documents, costumes, award medals, travel souvenirs and photos. From one of the over runs between the halls, otherwise you have a wonderful view of the Hofvijver.
There hung some 70 paintings mainly from the Twickel Castle and several other castles. The Baron was particularly interested in contemporary art by artists such as Dish, Schelfhout and Bosboom and was thereby embellish his salons. Schelfhout hangs an ice views of some traditional Dutch winter. Jan van Goyen there hangs a large painting, a beautiful view of The Hague, which is part of the permanent collection of the Historical Museum. There is also work by Van Schendel, specializing in painting candle and lantern light effects. A beautiful Mary Magdalene of the Italian painter Schiavoni and a work of Wouwerman, the celebrated horse painter. Actually, all genres well represented: landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, still lifes.
In the first room hang portraits of family include the Baron and his first wife, painted by Van der Hulst and Eeckhout. In another room to find a life-size portrait of his second wife, in which she poses in a dark red velvet gown. The dress itself is flat for deer painting also be admired.

Baron Heeckeren of Wassenaer

The baron Mr. Jacob Dirk Carel van Heeckeren studied Roman and Contemporary Law at the University of Leiden. In 1831 he married Marie Cornelie van Wassenaer and thus amassed a considerable family fortune. He decided "van Wassenaer" to add his own name. The marriage remained childless. They were married in community of property and then Marie van Wassenaer died fell all possessions to Van Heeckeren.
From his second marriage to Isabella Antoinetta Baroness Sloet to Toutenburg three children were born.
Twickel Castle in Overijssel was his country, but most of the time he spent in his house on the Lange Voorhout. Through contacts with King William II and Prince Frederik, he became enthusiastic about collecting paintings, mostly contemporary art, because new movements could not tempt him so.
In addition to managing his estate Twickel, Van Heeckeren as chamberlain and chief equerry attached to the Court.