The healing power of berries

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Berries are among the oldest fruits that are eaten by humans. In prehistoric hunter-gatherers already picked berries of plants they encountered on their way. There are many types of berries in the world. Expressed a sour berries to sweet delicious berries. Berries are often used as a base for a sauce that can be over a for desert. Berries are an ideal snack fruit. Of these small fruits you fine yourself jam.


  • Types of berries
  • The berry is native to Netherlands
  • Edible rowan
  • The shelf life of berries stretching
  • Blackcurrant superbes
  • Healing Power of berries
  • Berries against diabetes
  • Berries against arteriosclerosis
  • Berries against diarrhea
  • Commercial cultivation
  • Tea of ​​dried berries bush leaves
  • Berries Bush in vegetable garden
  • Make your own berry sauce

Types of berries

There are different kinds of berries such as red currant, black currant, white currant, bilberry, American blueberry, acai berry, gooseberry, cranberry and goji berries. Berries are super healthy. You do healthy products do not get far, sometimes they are just in the garden. Berries are an ideal snack fruit, and you can never have too much of it because then make simple jam that you can enjoy the rest of the year.

The berry is native to Netherlands

Berry bushes occur throughout Europe. In the Netherlands you redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries as native plants. Today the cranberry grows in the wild on Terschelling. Cranberries are native to North America. In 1839, a barrel washed ashore on the beach of Terschelling. Beachcombing opened it and saw an unknown bessoort. What the farmer does not know that eats-ie not so the berries were dumped in the dunes. That is where the seeds from a sizeable colony berry bushes. Now cranberries from Terschelling a delicacy.

Edible rowan

Rowan is a bessoort which can be eaten as well. It was often in the Netherlands and parts of Germany which rowan berries were poisonous but in Bavaria and England, these berries were eaten plain. Bavaria is brewed in a traditional alcoholic beverage from there.

The shelf life of berries stretching

In the days when there were no grocery stores, people had different reasons to cherish berry bushes. The fruits can be eaten directly, but also be dried or made into jam and wine. Thus, the shelf life was extended to about the following berries season. In addition, the leaves are used to make tea beverages.

Blackcurrant superbes

Of all the black currant bessoorten is probably the most common. That does not mean you should let the other berries ignore. Variety is the key to a healthy diet. Black currants contain most anthocyanins. These are important phytonutrients that have a strong antioxidant effect. Blackcurrants are healthier than expensive dried goji berries because more nutrients. Goji berries are also very healthy and have other advantages; so these berries are sold dried so you can enjoy them all year. Fresh black berries are very seasonal.

Healing Power of berries

Each berry is super healthy. There are many antioxidants in berries in the form of vitamins A, C and E as well as phytonutrient. They destroy free radicals in the body. Free radicals are substances that cause cell damage and DNA damage causing various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases may occur. Berries help prevent these diseases and it can not hurt to eat them if you already have one of these diseases, although scientists still do not admit that berries are healing when there is a disease once developed. Scientists acknowledge the fact that berries preventive effect against diseases.
Red gooseberry, green gooseberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant

Berries against diabetes

All berries work against diabetes, not only by the many antioxidants but also because they do not shoot up the sugar in the blood. There are a lot of fiber in berries. This will ensure that energy very evenly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Berries against arteriosclerosis

Berries ensure that there are no cholesterol can oxidize to the walls of blood vessels. This helps to prevent the flow of blood and harmful plaque. This will also increase the risk of heart attack or stroke or. These are diseases in which the arteries become clogged. Berries are so good at a stroke and against cardiovascular disease.

Berries against diarrhea

Berries have been used for thousands of years in Europe to treat diarrhea. The bactericidal action of many phytonutrients such as tannins in berries contribute to achieve this.
In New Zealand blackcurrant harvested mechanically.

Commercial cultivation

Berries grow not only in the wild and in home gardens; they are fully grown commercially worldwide. The berry crop is completely automated. There is a harvest wagon through the country berry stand and it automatically picks the berries from the bushes. In some countries where it is a little colder, as in the Netherlands, berry bushes are grown in plastic tunnels or in greenhouses. In this way, the harvest season, which has been stretched and the berries bush eventually returns.

Tea of ​​dried berries bush leaves

You can dry the leaves, mix with other leaves, seeds and herbs and make your own herbal tea. From the dried leaves of both the red and the black currant can be made tea. If you want to use this herbal tea it is quite handy to pick some leaves and dry them well and store in a sealable bus. Tea bessentruikblad works well against rheumatism and gout. The tea is used to disinfect the mouth naturally. For this purpose, you can gargle three times a day with lukewarm tea. It helps in this manner to fight throat infection. The tea can be used to make a compress. Take a cloth with the tea and place it on a poorly healing wound. The wound heals faster and is disinfected.

Berries Bush in vegetable garden

A berry bush in the garden or vegetable garden requires very little maintenance. The berries plant is assured of a good annual yield of delicious, nutritious berries. It's a learning experience for children to grow the berries. It gives an idea of ​​how long it takes to make food grow. Especially in a school vegetable garden a berry bush would not be misplaced because of its educational value.

Make your own berry sauce

By pureed berries to seven so that the kernels are separated, you can make a sauce. There are two ways. You can mix the mashed berries with honey, or you can cook berries and thicken with an equivalent amount of sugar. Both ways to make a berry sauce makes a sauce that some half a year is kept in a clean bottle tightly closed. It is advisable to pre-cook from the bottle or glass jar so that there no longer is in bacteria. For quick work you better make a little berry sauce with honey, just enough for one dessert.