The healing power of kale

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Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. This crop provides a rich variety of nutrients also all present in large quantities in this vegetable. Kale is regularly tested for anticancer activity; there are now five types of cancer is known in which it is known that kale against it helps. Kale is a very popular vegetable in the United States, mainly because of his new status as a superfood, which is based on the huge high nutritional science has discovered lately with kale and the diverse possibilities that kale for top chefs for their culinary highlights to show it. In the US, kale called bald or drilling cole. The last word, of course, comes from the Dutch kale.


  • Kale is hip, cool and trendy
  • Particularly high vitamin levels
  • More vitamin C than orange
  • Minerals in kale
  • Preparation kale
  • Kale Against Cancer
  • Detox with kale
  • Kale fight lifestyle diseases
  • Eettips kale

Kale is hip, cool and trendy

Kale is a very popular vegetable in the Netherlands and in recent years was discovered by exquisite restaurants in trendy New York. Since the kale was suddenly considered trendy and vegetables sold one boerenkoolsla, kale soup, fried kale, kale kale quiches and used it as a garnish. Actually, it was not one dish without kale. You can just have some kale, finely chop and fry with potatoes. Kale is a very healthy vegetable which you can combine it well.

Particularly high vitamin levels

There are loads of vitamins in kale, so much that some of you have more than the Recommended Daily Allowance. However, it can not hurt. The RDA values ​​are minimum values ​​and the maximum values ​​above which a nutrient negative properties are not achieved by a long shot. Hold on tight because here come the staggering numbers that indicate how healthy kale is: 250 grams of kale accounts for 2600% of the RDA for vitamin K, 700% of the RDA for vitamin A and 180% vitamin C.
Flower kale

More vitamin C than orange

We always think that there are lots of vitamin C is found in fruit, but kale is much more than in the same weight of orange. Furthermore, B6 for a quarter kilo of kale, which does a normal portion for one person in a stew kale, accounting for 18% of the RDA, vitamin E 11% of the RDA, vitamin B2 10% of the RDA and vitamin B1 9 % RDA. For folate, also called vitamin B11 is that 250 grams accounts for 8% of the RDA for vitamin B3 and applies that contains the same amount kale 6% of the RDA.

Minerals in kale

Besides vitamins kale accommodates a wide range of minerals. These are also largely in the kale leaves. 250 Gram kale contains 52% of the RDA for manganese, 20% of the RDA for copper and 20% of the RDA for calcium. Naturally eat your kale never alone but usually in combination with potatoes, which means that the final total state of minerals and vitamins is still significantly higher to lie. For many nutrients have one meal kale enough. There are still more minerals in this nutritious vegetable: potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. In addition, contains 250 grams of kale 20% of the RDA for fibers and 10% of the RDA for protein.

Preparation kale

Kale is most healthy when the five minutes is steamed. But if you blanch vegetables 1 to 2 minutes than the nutritional value is similar to steaming. Vegetable blanching makes sure that the color, taste, smell, and nutritional bite are retained. Kale is able to safely eat raw. It is served as a garnish, a salad or as a basis for one of the many leaves in a salad mix. A traditional Dutch method of preparation is the kale stew.

Kale Against Cancer

There are three reasons why kale works well against cancer.
  • The first is that kale is bursting with antioxidants,
  • the second is that sit in kale anti-inflammatory substances, and
  • The third reason is that kale contain glucosinolates.
Glucosinolates come in all sorts of complicated names. Important to know is that glucosinolates are converted in the body to substances that help fight cancer cells. There is scientific research conducted which revealed that kale works against bladder cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. It could also work against other types of this terrible disease, but it has not been investigated. There are 45 active flavonoids in the kale which kaempferol and quercetin are the most famous. These flavonoids strengthen each other's effect and the effect of beta-carotene and lutein, which are both largely in kale.

Detox with kale

The substances covered by the glucosinolates have a detox function which the body is free of substances that could cause later cancers. Glucosinolates are also found in broccoli, which for the same reason, a detox vegetable. A detox is always in two phases and kale contain substances which support both phases.

Kale fight lifestyle diseases

The insanity ning high value of vitamin K in kale means that these vegetable eminently all body processes that are to do with the cellular level have a positive effect on inflammation. All kinds of lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity have as cause small infections in the body's cells take over, causing one of the mentioned diseases can arise.

Eettips kale

Except eat kale in a stew as we do that are used in the Netherlands, you can use kale in numerous ways in the kitchen. When you opbakt rice with various vegetables, you can also even choose to mix a handful of kale it. It is an ideal blade to eat raw in a mixed salad. Furthermore, kale excellent to fill an omelet. Think about making Horticultural kale soup. You can mix kale with nettle and spinach in a soup of green leaves. Good idea!