The healing power of Motherwort

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Motherwort is an herb that you can do by soups. This beautiful flowering herb that would not look out of place in the ornamental garden has healing power against heart disease, nervousness and anxiety. Moreover, it supports the withdrawal of medicines and drugs. It calms the nerves without being sufmakend.
Botanical drawing Motherwort


  • Naming Motherwort
  • Feverfew
  • Active substances Motherwort
  • Motherwort in antiquity
  • Motherwort in history
  • Motherwort, good for the heart
  • Motherwort calms nervous system
  • Motherwort good for the womb
  • Other medicinal properties Motherwort
  • Consult herbal therapist

Naming Motherwort

In Latin name of this plant Leonurus cardiaca. Leonurus literally means'leeuwenstaart because leon is ouros and lion's tail. When the plant blooms resembling a lion's tail. Cardiaca comes from the Latin word for heart. In Dutch called the plant next Motherwort lion tail and heart herb. The heart, of course, comes in the name because since ancient times a drug for heart problems.


In China, the story goes that on the spot where the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is there once lived a sick mother. Her young daughter summoned many doctors but no one could cure the mother. She had heard a story which was to find medicinal herbs against all diseases in the mountains. She did not know exactly where it had only just started looking, against her mother's wishes in. She was an old man who lent her a guidebook. At one point they reached a place where it was quite nice. There were two sisters running up that gave her a bag of herbs and seeds, for her mother to use as medicine. Since they did the old man heard what was going on. The girl was very happy and hurried back home. She gave healing herbs and mother. They grew the herb so that everyone would have the same disease would heal her. Since then, the herb called feverfew in China. In England motherwort the most common name for this herb.
Motherwort, photo: Teun Spanish Motherwort Seeds can be eaten as a sesame seed.

Active substances Motherwort

All parts of this plant are used except the stem and sometimes only the flowering tops. In Motherwort are the alkaloids L-stachydrine, betonicine, turicine, leonurine and leonuridine. In addition it contains bitterstofglycosiden, flavonoids rutin, quercetin, quercetrine, isoquercetrin, hyperoside, kaemferol, apigenin and genkwanine. It also contains iridoídeglycosiden, tannins, the triterpene ursolic acid, amino acids, choline, rosin, resin, citric acid and malic acid.

Motherwort in antiquity

Motherwort was given in ancient Greece to women who were about to give birth to a child in order to calm them down and childbirth smoother run smoothly. The ancient Romans put Motherwort mainly against palpitations. In China this medicinal herb has been used as in Greece during and after childbirth. It's a really feverfew. From the 7th century, the plant is grown in European monastery gardens. But the monastery walls could not prevent the plant'uitbrak' and settled over Europe.

Motherwort in history

John Gerard, English spice scientist of the 16th century, gave Motherwort to women in labor. Nicholas Culpeper, an English botanist of the 17th century saw a Motherwort herb to expel melancholy from the heart, strengthen the heart, the soul cheerful, excited and happy to make the uterus and give extra strength tet. Even as the Sioux Indians used Motherwort against palpitations, nervous babies and female ailments. These medicinal properties are scientifically supported and used in contemporary phytotherapy.

Motherwort, good for the heart

The bitterstofglycosiden in Motherwort ensure that it is a soothing herb for the heart. The diastole, the relaxation phase of the heart, is increasing. The heart rate is delayed and the blood pressure will be slightly lower. The perfusion of the coronary arteries is improved by Motherwort. It is in medical terms a cardiotonicum; a cardiac stimulant. For these medicinal properties is Motherwort in herbal medicine used for:
Journal Motherwort
  • Functional heart disorders without organic cause,
  • Palpitations by fear, emotion, stress, nervous tension ,.
  • Extraserolen or premature heart contractions,
  • Nervous heart disease such as high blood pressure due to stress,
  • Palpitations by an overactive thyroid,
  • Palpitations by imbalances in the central nervous system,
  • Age Hart,
  • Mild cases of angina or angina,
  • Hot flashes during menopause vasomotor instability.

Motherwort calms nervous system

Leonurine ensures Motherwort is a tonic for the nervous system. It is a sedative without your being drowsy. In operation is to compare it with valerian. You will be quiet without getting tired. This medicinal characteristics make it usable for indications that have to do with nervousness. Motherwort is used for:
  • Nervousness,
  • Nervousness and excessive emotionality in women undergoing hormonal changes such as young women and menopausal women,
  • Anxiety, chronic anxiety, hysterical symptoms,
  • Withdrawal of medication, drugs.

Motherwort good for the womb

Motherwort is a mild tonic for the uterus. It works contraction stimulant and it is a emmenagoog; an agent that facilitates menstrual bleeding. Stachydrine and leonurine tanning agents are that provide a contracting effect on the uterus. Glycosides and essential oils provide the calming effect. This makes Motherwort as a medicinal herb time horizon for the following indications:
  • Difficult labor, false labor pains,
  • Accelerates delivery,
  • Placenta extruding,
  • After childbirth a recovery agent,
  • Miscarriage or fetus to expel,
  • Painful menstruation,
  • Lack of menstruation.

Other medicinal properties Motherwort

The effects for the heart, nervous system and the uterus are the most common uses of Motherwort. It also has some medicinal applications of which it would be a shame to leave them unmentioned. Here they are listed, including the scientifically proven medicinal effects. In herbal medicine is a drug Motherwort at:
  • Tension and muscle cramps because it spasmolytic or antispasmodic works relaxant,
  • Flatulence because it works carmina tive or carminative,
  • Brochitis, since it is an expectorant, a mucolytic agent,
  • Thrombosis, atherosclerosis and recovery after heart attack because of antioxidant flavonoids and bloedplaatjesaggrgatieverlagende effects prehispanolone.

You can make wraps, baths and rinses do with an infusion of Motherwort to remedy vaginal discharge or painful menstruation.

Consult herbal therapist

Who Motherwort want to use as a healing agent is advised to take a consult with an herbal therapist. Hartgespanextracten and medicine in the form of mother tinctures, powders, nebulisaat, liquid extract and capsules should be taken only on prescription by authorized persons. A physician or herbal practitioner can inform on, like about the possible side effects and interactions with other medications or herbs. All the medicinal properties of this medicinal herb referred to in this article are based on scientific research and come out of the Great Handbook of Medicinal Plants Geert Verhelst, a standard work in the field of healing plants. The book is used in herbal medicine.