The healing power of walnut oil

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Walnut oil is an oil for reinforcing heart, brains and blood circulation. The walnut tree is native to South and Central Asia, a territory that had previously been identified by the name'Oriënt'. A walnut tree is 20 meters tall and 600 years old. The walnut tree can be found today in Southern Europe, but it grows well in the Netherlands. A walnut tree in the Netherlands annually produces hundreds of walnuts on.
Walnut oil


  • Walnut oil
  • Walnut against cancer
  • Science and consensus
  • Walnut as naturopathic medicine
  • Tips for walnut oil in the kitchen
  • Fatty acids in walnut oil:

Walnut oil

The Latin name for the walnut tree is nucum Juglandis. Walnuts are filtered by cold pressing. If you walnut oil for its medicinal properties used it may be decided not refined or treated with chemicals. Walnut oil is one of the few oils which both based omega 3 and omega 6 found in basis. For daily use, a tablespoon of walnuts sufficient for basic omega 6 intake of omega 3 but you need something more. To use this oil as a supplement to get your omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it is advisable to mix it with linseed oil; then you get an oil with just the right verhoduingen. One tablespoon per day is enough for both essential fatty acids.

Walnut against cancer

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids as you may know. This means that the body can not produce these fatty acids, unlike all other types of fatty acids. The other fatty acids that you need, the body can create your own from essential fatty acids. The good of essential fatty acids is that cells of the body is preferred to add it in order to incorporate them above, for example, oleic acid. Essential fatty acids are important for body cells because they play a crucial role in the oxygen metabolism of a cell. They take a place in the membrane in and ensure that oxygen is allowed to pass into the cell. Other oils do not. They may lack in essential fatty acids a body cell eat too little oxygen in the course of years. Nobel laureate Otto Warburg was in the 60s of the 20th century that a lack of oxygen in cells leads to cancer! He had thus solved the cancer problem but his colleagues did not understand him or understand him. One reason is that cancer researchers 80 years to the cause of cancer in the genes is trying to look for. Incidentally, there they never succeeded, though they do have words invented as'borstkankergen'. People with breast cancer rarely have this gene and many people with breast cancer have this gene at all. Sometimes there will be big in the news that some celebrity would have dropped her breasts but we must ask ourselves whether A: this is true and B: this is not a promotional stunt of the pharmaceutical people coarse pay for being an advertising column. Brian Peskin explains in his book'The untold story about kanker' more about essential oils, cancer and studies prepared by Otto Warburg.

Science and consensus

Warburg and Peskin are researchers who practiced what science is outside the consensus. The scientific community does not accept their findings. Yet that same community confirms once again that natural oils are anti-cancer. This also applies to walnut oil. Pennsylvania State University found that appeared walnut oil breast cancer. Harvard Medical School revealed that walnut oil can cure cancer.

Walnut as naturopathic medicine

In naturopathy walnut oil is often used for circulatory disorders and as a means to strengthen the heart and nerves. Also, a galverstopping can be treated with it. In addition, the walnut is well with various mental illnesses. More and more people are beginning to see that the number of mental illnesses including ADHD, psychosis and depression due to a food shortage is; one has too few essential fatty acids and vitamins from the B complex. In phytotherapy the walnut is recommended for memory disorders, concentration problems and Alzheimer's.

Tips for walnut oil in the kitchen

Walnut oil can be combined excellently in the kitchen with root vegetables. Walnut oil has a refined taste which may be fine
Walnut Tree Be used to enrich sauces and dressings. If you use a hot dish at the end walnut oil than go the nutrients and healthy, unsaturated fatty acids are not lost. You can not bake in walnut oil, because it is not heat resistant. Tip: Serve with potatoes once walnut oil instead of gravy.

Fatty acids in walnut oil:

  • Palmitic acid of 6.7%
  • Stearic acid: 1.9%,
  • Oleic acid: 15.8%
  • Linoleic acid: 57.8%
  • Alpha-linolenic acid: 13.5%
  • Other fatty acids by 4.3%