The horrific story of Robert Pickton

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His friends and family call him Willy. The 58-year-old unshaven pig breeder keeps a peculiar hobby after. The past 25 years he slaughtered, as they say, 49 women down. Robert William Pickton is the biggest serial killer which Canada has ever known. ?? Gosh, what nice ??, his neighbors must have thought over the years. The pig breeder shared occasionally have some meat. Never wrong, a nice spicy meatball minced pork on your plate. What did not know his neighbors, was that this was mixed with minced meat people. The meat of hopeless, squirted heroin prostitutes from the slums of Vancouver, to be exact!

Horrible stench

Five years ago a group of detectives took a look at the yard of Willy. There were, according to witnesses ?? strange things ?? happen on the farm. Moreover, Willy would be in possession of a firearm. The horrible stench that hung around in the yard, was unbearable. The pigs were stable, were so neglected that they could no longer stand on their feet rotting in misery. The stench led the agents to an old barn. The gruesome discovery which they did there, would stay with them throughout life.
Behind the barn were two freezers. One of the officers opened one and was immediately sick. What the agent in the freezer saw was terrible: bloody feet, hands and even heads! The other freezer probably was not optimal, there was a kind of soup of blood and rotting flesh. It has, as the officer said, lasted for weeks before he could get back to normal a bit through his throat.

Fingers and toes

Later this turned out to be blood and meat from both human and porcine. The rotting flesh was so far perish which identification was impossible. A forensic expert was engaged in order to demonstrate bit by bit if it was derived from a human or an animal.
This was only the beginning of a series of gruesome discoveries in and around the Pickton farm. Somewhere in the same barn stood in the corner a bucket. An agent later told the press, ?? it looked like a jawline what I saw it, so I assumed all that it had to be a head. When I put the contents of the bucket better looked, I saw to my horror that the head was literally cut in half. Shivers ran down my spine ??.
The head appeared to be Andrea Joesbury, one of Pick Tons victims. An addicted prostitute from Vancouver which was already missing time. The girl's feet were later found at the bottom of the bucket and hands were crammed in. In another bucket were also a head, hands and feet. But it was clear to see that these body parts were shorter, because the fingers and toes were still visible. They were from Sereena Abbotsway also a chance girl.

Undercover agent as cellmate

Willy lived with his brother and sister in the yard, but did not sleep on the farm. Its living area consisted of a caravan, which stood in a corner of the yard, far away from the farm. In this dilapidated caravan detectives found a magnum which was loaded and a dildo showing traces of DNA from one of Pick Tons victims. There were also pipes which you can smoke crack and an unsent Christmas card with the text: 'To Dinah, from Willy. Your best friend, 2001. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a good one. ???? Most likely, this is still vermistte Dinah later also became a victim of Pickton.
Willy was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder 26-fold. He was put in a cell with an undercover agent. His cellmate Willy said he butchered 49 women in total and there are like one wanted to finish to make it a nice round number of. After a break he would murder then again there 25. That he had caught, according to him because he had foolishly been sloppy.


But the killer will premeditation not want to comply, the man was recently convicted for the first six murders to life imprisonment. The occurrence must have been fixed fiercely for Willy. Acquaintances, neighbors and even friends trickled one by one into the courtroom to testify against him. One witness even more horrible and cruel than the others. The jury was flapping according to the Canadian Press with the ears when hearing these gory details. Incidentally got all the judges, journalists and detectives were on the case, psychological help to cope with the intense details.
So said one of Willy ?? s friends that he ever talked to him about what Pickton did with prostitutes he lured to his slaughterhouse. He conceived the most horrible ways to make his victim side. So he shot them sometimes with antifreeze for car windows. Willy over here would have joked that they already are nonetheless volspoten with all kinds of junk. Also told the friend Willy performed the flesh of his victims to his pigs.

Piggy ?? s Palace

An old worker has ever seen how Pickton a woman from behind with a knife attacked. ?? I saw that he put her in the back and then left her bleeding for a while. Then he threw her while she was alive, pigs ??, the man testified to the jury. So many horrific testimonies were taken, according to the jury that it was a miracle that Pickton undisturbed all these years has been able to take its course. Relatives of the victims who were present in the courtroom could not believe the police had not warned much earlier. ?? If I told someone kills women, I would run screaming to the police ?? lamented a mother of one of the victims.
But there still are playing more ?? strange things ?? down on the farm. So organized Willy and his brother Dave wild celebrations in the yard. The farm was then renamed Piggy ?? ?? ?? s Palace. Willy told nosy neighbors that applied money was donated to charity. Friends of Willy testified that this major drug feasts were that many prostitutes were present and that Willy also took a lot of drugs at these parties.
One of the witnesses was so horrific that some spectators left the hall. One woman said she a blood-stained Willy has caught while he was skinning a body while it hung on a meat hook. Then he threw pieces of meat in pigs. Willy laughed when the woman told this. He thought it was funny stories ?? ??.
The case ?? Robert William Pickton ?? is far from closed. For twenty murders, he will be sentenced. Also, his brother David Francis Pickton is associated with at least one vermistte woman. Gruesome. So must eat. :-p