The horse show approval for the sale

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If you decide to buy a horse, it is wise at all times to approve leave a horse. This means that the vet looks through a clinical or radiological examination if there is nothing wrong with a horse. Nowadays, it is also common for the insurance claims that a first inspection of the horses to run through.

Duty to report

To purchase a horse, both parties in the sale to be reported. This means that the seller must tell you if something is wrong with the horse and the buyer should ask to it. If nothing is reported on deficiencies and the horse still appears to have physical ailments you may still cancel the sale after six months. The seller is obliged to accept the horse again, but if the seller refuses or denies that there is anything wrong can take some hassle on supply.

Why approve it?

The seller can say that the horse is nothing wrong, but is this actually true? Sometimes it is because the untrained eye can not tell if a horse is something wrong. Especially if you want to intensively drive you do not want the horse does have a problem or can get discomfort. If you want a horse already has a time in your possession can not suddenly say goodbye because the horse was not good. The inspection is also an insurance issue, they want your horse, often not sure if the horse is not approved. Obviously, however, is not always perceive everything in an inspection.

Let approve clinical

A clinical examination consists of several parts:
  • View markings
  • View reflexes
  • View teeth
  • listen lungs
  • View mode
  • legs navoelen
Finally should the horse 'sampling', which means that the horse is examined in motion. Trim consists of:
  • bending tests - One leg is lifted, a number second held then to the horse can trot off without any trouble. The bend test is carried out with all the legs.
  • lunging - This happens both a hard and soft bottom.

Let approve radiographic

A radiographic examination is performed less frequently than clinical examination. A radiographic examination implies that made some pictures of the horse. The horse might have defects that are not visible during a clinical examination, it is sometimes the pictures are visible. A radiographic examination is only required if you have insurance of the above ?? 4500 - To exit.

Test report

After an inspection is drawn up an inspection report. It contains all the data of the client and the horse including:
  • address
  • markings horse
  • defects
  • findings


It varies greatly by region how much is a test. In the Randstad, the price is much higher than in the countryside. A clinical examination will be between 70 and 120 euros. A radiographic inspection costs between 200 to 400 euros.