The importance of a good sunscreen

Health Byakushi August 8, 2016 0 1
During the summer we can once again bask in the sun. Of course it is very important to protect the skin well. Do not think I'm all brown or I've done a solarium cure, can cause burn forever. It is therefore important to use a good sunscreen.

The skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have. The average person possesses such a small two square meters of skin. The skin allows us heat, cold and pain can feel. The blood vessels and sweat glands play a very important role in the regulation of our body temperature. So it is very important to protect the skin well.

If you can not sunbathe better

It is not recommended to go sunbathing between 12:00 and 15:00. These hours the sun is right above us and burn very quickly. Especially children must stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you still go tanning or being out in the sun, it is important to protect the skin with a good sunscreen. It is important to continue to lubricate the skin. It is also wise not to sunbathe for too long.

Exfoliating before sun exposure

Scrub the night before you go tanning the skin with a good scrub. A Talasso scrub is great for this, because it contains oil, making the skin from drying out. If the skin is nice and scrubbed, all the dead skin cells are removed, so you are pretty evenly brown.

Which factor

In the morning, before you sunbathe, you smear your already good at home. The sunscreen can already withdraw. For example, once you're at the beach, you immediately lubricate again. It is best to use a sunscreen from SPF 30, this is used when you have naturally dark hair and skin tans easily. For fair skin, use a higher factor, for example factor 50, for a slightly tanned skin, for example in people with dark hair, use factor of 40. And make no mistake, a dark tinted skin can burn, so for this skin just use it as 30 times.
It takes the higher factor sun block and corresponding better protection or a bit longer before you're brown, but you reduce the risk of burns. A burnt skin is blotchy by shedding and the risk of a skin there is increased significantly by! Remember especially not to rub the ears and nose. These are places that burn more quickly.

Children good rub

It is important to properly lubricate children in! These games with nice weather outside and many though they are in the shade, sun damage can reach anywhere! For children it is very important to use a water resistant sunscreen, because the children are happy to play once and with water. Children always use a sunscreen with a high factor. For children never an oil. Think especially of the neck and the shoulders, because when children play in the water are the places that burn the fastest.

After-sun lotion

After a day of sunbathing take a nice refreshing shower or a warm bath. Use after showering or bathing a cooling after-sun. An after sun with menthol is extra cooling.