The insidious genocide in Papua

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It takes a process from creeping genocide in the western half of the island of New Guinea. On the former Dutch part of New Guinea, which came into Indonesian hands through a scandalous dubbed by many as a referendum in 1969, many political murders were committed. But the Indonesian military have also been guilty of mass murder.


  • Forbidden for journalists
  • Biak massacre
  • The Morning Star
  • Michel Maas
  • Red Cross
  • AIDS-Import
  • Villages Plat Fires
  • Demographic Argument
  • Churches
  • Christianity in Papua

Forbidden for journalists

The Biak massacre is a sad event that occurred back in the mainstream media. Most murders are however never appeared in the newspaper. For that to put forward are several reasons. Firstly, there should be no journalists to the Indonesian Papua. The government and the military leadership fear that journalists will write about the abuses that take place in the Indonesian province. A second reason is that there is virtually no aid agencies be admitted in Papua. A third reason is that the churches, the Papuans are Christian, not publicize the oppression of the Papuans. A fourth reason is that the Papuans no unified group of people, but that there are differences between Papuans themselves in their conception and vision.
This house is one of many houses in Biak that were intended for administrators but after verification that they are built with corruption money they stand empty. There is a neighborhood with abandoned villas and a never-used shopping mall.

Biak massacre

On July 1, 1998 there was a major demonstration held in Biak against Indonesian rule. Papuan protestors had hoisted the Morning Star flag. The demonstration lasted five days. At some point the Indonesian army began to deploy an attack on the demonstrators. Women and young girls were tortured while the men were watching. The TNI, the Indonesian military forced 100 protesters take place in boats. The days after were washed look at whether bodies were found in fishing nets. The military said the victims were a tsunami 1000 kilometers away. The people of Biak knew better. The government has never researched the massacre of Biak and there is never an army officer berechtigd.

The Morning Star

In Indonesia you can get life imprisonment for lifting non-Indonesian flag. The Papuan Morning Star flag has flown for years alongside the Dutch flag. The Dutch had the intention to give the Papuans independence, but have that ambition among international, especially American pressure to abandon. Papua is rich in valuable raw materials such as copper, gold and uranium. An American mining company since the handover in 1969 working on the island. The Treasury of Indonesia for a very large part filled by tax revenues from Papua. The Papuans have never seen one cent of the lucrative self my income.

Michel Maas

In Papua I met journalist Michel Maas. He works for the Times and is a commentator for television and radio. He said he had to get though two years was working on a permit for Papua. Eventually he was allowed to be there for two weeks. During these weeks, he had to report daily to the police station. There he was detained daily 4 to 5 hours for formalities. Every move he put in Papua was followed closely by the authorities. Only in his own hotel, he was left alone. It was therefore impossible for him to go and investigate. Most journalists are not in a position to wait two years before their application is approved, so the country is virtually closed to journalists.
Former Hollandia, after many name changes, including Jayapura, it now seems to be called Port Numbai.

Red Cross

Even the Red Cross should be no staff to send there. The immediate reason for this was that two years ago the Red Cross workers were accused to have visited prisoners accused were themselves of separatist activities. In Papua are freedom fighters active in the OPM, the Organisasi Papua Merdeka. The Red Cross had opened an office in the capital Jayapura where they helped many prisoners. According to the Red Cross, they did not specifically for separatists to visit the prison, but more to visit prisoners in general.


An important way of creeping genocide perform in Papua is importing AIDS prostitutes. The Papuans by the military treated to prostitutes suffering from AIDS. This gives many Papuans HIV, so as to further spread the disease. In this part of Indonesia, the highest percentage of HIV-infected people live. The Indonesian government recognizes that there are many HIV infections but says thereby not think that is because they import the disease from prostitutes.
Traditional carvings from Papua. The kustpapua's made 500 years ago, metal jewelry and traded with Moluccan islands.

Villages Plat Fires

Another way in which genocide occurs, the burning of villages that are remote in the jungle. The tribes often live for centuries in the same area. Sometimes a village consists of only 200 men. These are an easy target for the Indonesian army. Most of the villagers try to flee into the jungle. Those who succeed dare to rebuild their village and no longer forced to live a nomadic life. The jungle in New Guinea is one of the most impenetrable rainforest areas of the world. Survival in the jungle is not easy. Because of this terror of the Indonesian army roams a group of Papuans 3000 man standing by the jungle, fleeing the Indonesian military. They have united in the OPM.

Demographic Argument

The genocide in Papua occurs insidiously, via a military-imported HIV infections and the burning of remote villages. At the time of Suharto was the genocide something flashier. Many media speak of 100,000 Papua casualties during the Suharto regime. Important evidence of the current genocidal process is the demographic argument. Demography is a science that studies the population structure by age. A demographic researcher showed in 2005 that there were 500,000 Papuans'missen' compared to the population in neighboring Papua New Guinea. But not every researcher agrees; a study by an Australian university named'Genocide in Papua? "goes out of 100,000 victims. Suppose the latter researchers are right, then it's still very strange that Indonesia is not punished for the genocide of Papuans. It would be logical if the genocide is created devoted to the International Court in The Hague.
The Pacific Ocean breaks a wave on the coast of Biak.


The churches have peeled a dubious role in Papua. Many Papuans are Christians because the Bible stories partially match or fit their nature religion. However, the missionaries were in 1969 before joining Indonesia instead of independence. The churches support the new colonizer. They facilitate administrative redistribution by establishing boarding schools in new capital. This part of Indonesia is 12 times larger than the Netherlands which means that drivers often take several days off to visit a different area. The children can stay in the boarding schools. The Papuans have no interest in administrative division of their country, which is long overdue autonomy under Indonesian laws. Delaying autonomy and the senseless administrative redistribution supported by the church institutions by arranging boarding. Additionally, hammering the priests and preachers continually that the Papuans decidedly are not able to control their country. That is a distorted picture because the Dutch government did in the 50s and 60s of the last century independence as a viable reality. However, the Dutch have been thwarted in their plans to give the Papuans independence from America. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Indonesia have political and military support in their expansionism to Papua.

Christianity in Papua

The doctrine that proclaims the church is founded on the acceptance of authority. In the churches teach the Papuans that they must accept their fate. This makes the idea of ​​self-autonomy, where each population is entitled to undercut. Also painting ministers and priests the Papuans only too happy off as a group of savages who need guidance. Many Papuans are Christians because the Dutch who they still keep many were Christian. The main reason to be Christian is that the rest of Indonesia is Muslim. This allows the Papuans are deposited by the Islamic authority. Christian means anti-Islam and anti-Indonesia. The first Papua who converted to Islam yet to be born. The rhetoric that Christians and Muslims use against each used by the churches to win Papuans for themselves. Unfortunately, the churches can not give Papuans the liberation that they are looking for.