The IUD from 15 years old?

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The IUD from 15 years old?

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends IUD among girls from 15 years to fight against unwanted pregnancies. In theory, it is possible. In practice, the French gynecologists are more reserved. Answers from our experts.

Facing the 750,000 teenage pregnant each year in the United States, medical authorities of this country are pushing for contraceptive long duration of action.

The IUD is ten to forty times more effective than the pill according to the World Health Organization, the IUD has a failure rate of less than 0.8% as its effectiveness does not depend on its proper use.

"This problem is less felt in France, where voluntary pregnancy interventions mainly concern women between 18 and 30 years1," says Dr. Christian Jamin, gynecologist.

If IUD sales increased 45% since 2012, only 3% of these sales relate to girls 15-19 years2.

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IUDs: more frequent releases teen

Her pose is theoretically possible whenever there is sexual intercourse, even among women who have not had children.

"But we are more cautious for teens because the risk of expulsion is important," says Dr. Jamin.

A US study in 2014 shows a rate twice as high among 14-19 years: 18.8% against 9.3% in the most âgées3 women.

The cause: a less mature uterus that has not reached its adult size.

The fragility of the neck can also result in important rules.

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"Approximately two IUD is removed before one year for tolerance problems in less than 20 years," said Dr. Brigitte Letombe gynecologist.

Sometimes a little complicated and painful, "the pose is bearable if the doctor usually ask IUDs in nulliparous women," said Dr. Jamin.

"It must be accepted psychologically by the teenager," adds Dr. Letombe.

The IUD is recommended but not priority

In a 2013 report, the High Authority for Health does not routinely recommend IUDs among young girls because of the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections among children under 25 years.

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"The son of the device can spread the germ tubes and to promote the high risk of infections, such salpingitis, with a risk of infertility," says Dr. Jamin.

This risk especially exists if the germ is already present at the time of installation and within six weeks, it is essential to check beforehand.

"There is no single ideal contraception for adolescents," says gynecologist.

1. According to figures from the DREES, there were, in 2012, fewer than 10 cases per 1000 women in 15-17 years, against 27 cases in 1000 to 20-24.

2. ANSM, June 2014.

3.Revue Obstetrics and Gynecology, October 2014, more than 5400 women.

Smaller IUDs for teens

  • Copper 5.4 mm shorter than a standard IUD, it is placed for 5 years. € 30.50, 60% refunded.
  • Hormone levonorgestrel, it is 2 mm long and less than 4 mm narrower than the Mirena. He posed for three years. € 102.90, reimbursed at 60%.

French Association for contraception.