The largest spider maker in the world - Nephila Komaci

Nature Byakushi August 8, 2016 2 2
People who are afraid of spiders can better not to travel to Madagascar; it was recently discovered the largest spinnewebmaker world. Dead specimens of the spider were previously to be admired in museums, but never before the Nephila Komaci was seen alive. This article tells you all about a very large spider that makes huge webs; the Nephila Komaci.


All over the world are about 41 000 different species of spiders and there come every year hundreds of new varieties. Some species, including the great embioptera Nephila were last seen alive in the 19th century. Therefore scientists believed that the spider species had almost certainly extinct. Recently, however, was made a surprising discovery in Madagascar; The giant spider named Nephila Komaci was found alive.

Big size spider

The Nephila Komaci is now the largest maker cobweb seen alive on earth. The legs of the spider can grow up to 10 centimeters and the body of the spider can be 4 centimeters long. Although the Nephila Komaci can be very large, the spin particularly known for its huge web. This can have a diameter of no less than 1 meter. Incidentally, the male spiders are usually much smaller than the females; the female may be seven times larger than the male. The Nephila Komaci thus belongs to a group of animals that are being investigated for sexual size dimorphism. Researchers in the past have already shown that SSD has more to do with the growth of the female than the male dwarf.

History of Nephila Komaci

In the past Nephila Komaci was assigned multiple names; in 1767 for the first time by Linnaeus. Although scientists and people were writing about a giant spider 'with a huge web was in 1978 in South Africa for the first time exhibited a dead female. In 2000, scientists with their own eyes could see the dead spider after which she went twice on an expedition to find the spider species. The giant spider was not found, and it was assumed that the big spider an exception or an "error" of nature had to be. In 2003 a very large spider but was rediscovered in a museum after which it was stated that there was such a big spider in the world had to exist.


Studies show that sexual size dimorphism in Nephila Komaci mainly has to do with the size of the female. Although the male can be smaller and smaller, the female relative to the male grows much faster. Probably the female is so great because they like that big enemy boss can be. In the woods of South Africa and Madagascar are many great natural enemies of Nephila Komaci. Surveys also show that a female spider in the beginning of her life "more peaceful" than when they become gigantic. When the female is small they let conquer more easily by a male than if it is very large. If the female spider is gigantic become male spiders which she wants to fight her and she can eat a male spider. As for the video; I leave it sit, too creepy!