The Last Sacrifice by Simone van der Vlugt

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The Final Sacrifice is a literary thriller with Simone van der Vlugt. Previously published of her, The Reunion, Blue Water and Shadow Sister. Meanwhile, also in Autumn Song.


In the prologue is about the archaeologist Nicholas Boogaard, who has made a great discovery in Egypt. Then the story really begins. Birgit is 26 and works at a real estate agency. One evening she meets Jef in a café, which freed her of some young people. They go home and spend the next day together with them. However, the next morning is gone and Jef Birgit fears that he is in one of the empty houses, where they told him about. Her suspicion proved to be correct, and if they want to reach out to him Jef seen approaching a man with a gun. After vluchtpogin they are squeezed out by Eline. That tells Jef that he is the son of the archaeologist Nicholas Boogaards and they have a short conversation. Birgit and Jef then decide to go to the house of Birgit, but when they arrive they see there that the lock is forced. Birgit packs her things and they go on the road to the airport because Jef to Egypt want to look for his father. They book a flight to Luxor and if they sit on the plane coming at the last moment their pursuer in the plane.
Jef chartered a taxi driver and a detour, they arrive at a hotel. The next day they still decide to visit the Nicholas house in Luxor and if they're here comes their pursuer. A chase follows through the densely populated downtown and they eventually escape by pulling on Egyptian clothing, making them no longer recognizable.
Jef talks about the conception of his father. So did his father that the man had in antiquity electricity that they had satellite and that the inhabitants of Atlantis ended up in Egypt. He thinks that mankind earlier as distant and even maybe more than now, but that the world was struck by a disaster, so the knowledge is lost.
Because they want to know what happened to the father of Jef, they decide to go to the temple and there they met Frances. ?? In the evening she leads them through a secret entrance to the room and discovered when they know they are discovered narrowly escape. They are there learned that here once stood the Ark of the Covenant, which includes the 10 commandments were in. As Birgit and Jef want to return to the hotel turns out to be affected by a fire.
Then they meet Medhat and he tells them about Nicholas, and he brings them to Hurghada, the ferry to Sharm el Sheikh. Once there, they take the bus to the mountain Moses and they climb the mountain. There they are almost killed by their pursuer, but it is Medhat who saves them from their assailant. In nearby monastery they find out that there was indeed Nicholas and that he went to Chartres, France. He has listed in his notes Credo J. C ??. ?? and they think it's going to Julius Caesar.
They take the plane to France and they go to Claude de Morbihan. He leads them around the cathedral and there they meet his cousin, Francois. After the tour in the cathedral they want it again and again Jef stole the key and they will resume in the cathedral. There they discover a stone that was lifted recently and they also lift the stone. They go into the crypt, where they are trapped by someone. Only two days later they were freed by the guide of the cathedral.
They then go back to the home of the Morbihan and discovered there Birgit something. She invents an excuse and will inspect the house and they finally arrive at the cellar. There she finds a low, newly applied cement, but suddenly, Jean-Claude behind them. He tells her that he killed Nicholas, to keep the secret of the Ark. Using a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine Birgit manages to overpower him.
Is told in the epilogue that a lawsuit against Alain and Jean-Claude. It also becomes clear that Nicholas was indeed buried in the cellar and Jef is the burial preparing in Amsterdam. Birgit is at home and decide for the first time in two years to call her mother again.

Review of the book

I thought it was an exciting book. The book is designed so that as it becomes more exciting, the spaces are described less extensively so the story runs faster. This gives you the feeling that it's all going very fast, so you can empathize with the characters.
I read the book with great enthusiasm, because I'm pretty interested in Egypt. I've been there several times and therefore I recognized quite a number of aspects of the story. I also thought it was nice that there was a historical tinge to sit, namely the search for the Ark of the Covenant.
The negative aspect of this book, I find it very similar to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Again, it is a chase and a search for an art treasure, but nevertheless I would still recommend the book to read.