The light bulb will disappear

Electronic Byakushi August 8, 2016 0 1
There appears to be a run on light bulbs, because the first is the 100-watt bulb will soon disappear from the shelves. For the right reasons though, but will change something essential. A new era, an era without a key invention. That of the incandescent lamp, the progenitor of the Philips group would ever be able to rotate in his grave.

The light bulb

The light bulb is the heating of an annealing act in a glass envelope. At the moment that the light bulb on the power is connected, the flow proceeds through the filament and it is very hot and will emit light. In order not to burn the glass dome is done without oxygen to the wire.
If the power source is connected there is a peak, and this peak can cause the course of time by the burning of the lamp.


Although the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison or so it is often called, made an important contribution to the invention, he was not only responsible for it. Thomas Alva Edison, an American of Dutch descent, was an inventor and businessman. He made his fortune by buying inventions and put the patents to his name. He went to work and then took it into production. He has so ?? n 1400 patents to his name and is still the record holder.
On October 21st 1879 the incandescent lamp with carbon fiber burned first. The first lamp was burning a few hours, but was perfected shortly thereafter, of course, and the lamp had an acceptable service life.
Even more inventors?
Heinrich Gobel, however, claimed that he had already made a light bulb in 1854, but he lacked economic elecktriciteitsbron to the lamp working. In England, Joseph Swan was also demonstrated and invented a light bulb to have patented. An accusation of Edison to address Swan did not succeed, but eventually they founded together in 1882, the Edison & Swan United Electronic Company on.


But the inventors are not standing still and the light bulb does little with the heat is released, which takes heat flow and thus is relatively expensive and unnecessarily consumes energy. So the CFL was invented and although it still has some trouble with ambient light, he comes quickly in the vicinity of all the old bulb.
A 25-watt bulb for a CFL but to say so ?? n 5 watts and so will be the first 100 watt light bulb out and therefore can only get the 20 watt CFL can be used.
Yet there are still many people with light sources that can handle only light bulbs, and think for example, of the ornate lava lamps. These lamps do it right in the heat of the bulb. And although there will probably come a solution to weather, there is originated a run on the bulbs.
Incidentally, there are many more sources as the energy saving lamp, halogen lamp, LED lighting, etc., and so we will ?? as well we handle our energy ?? Never get stuck without light.
But anyway ?? Willy Wortel will have to do it later without his Lampie and Philips invented his incandescent base in Eindhoven who would soon only will be a piece in the history books.