The Little Mermaid: but there is more to do in Copenhagen

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The Little Mermaid: small statue in Copenhagen, famous for the fairy tale. But who visits Copenhagen, would be wise to look further. Besides this famous statue holding the city because many more sights that are worth.

A few facts

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is located on the island of Zealand. The city has over 500,000 inhabitants and the Municipality of Copenhagen even has more than a million inhabitants. This Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark. Copenhagen was originally a mercantile port. There is now in the city almost no industry more and Copenhagen is no longer harbor. However, the city is a popular place for tourists and city lovers.


The famous Tivoli Gardens is located in the center of Copenhagen. The park was founded in 1843 by Georg Carstensen who found the residents of Copenhagen amusement needed. The park also offers entertainment for young and old indeed. There are plenty of exciting and fast rides, but there's plenty to see and look around. The park is at night often opened and it is then enjoy the many lights in the park. During the summer months there are often live performances so that the park is very suitable for visitors who do not like roller coasters.

The little Mermaid

Just lies on the Langelinie outside the center of Copenhagen, the statue of the little mermaid. In the water, on a rock, it overlooks the water. The statue was made in 1913 by the sculptor Edvard Eriksen and refers to the famous fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen.
The fairy tale
Ariel, a mermaid, falls in love with the prince whose life she saves. For, like to get the prince, legs, she visits the sea witch. In exchange for her beautiful voice she gets legs. The prince was impressed with Ariel, but sees in her a future bride. Eventually the prince find another bride who he thinks she has saved him. Ariel can not tell him that she was that since the sea witch has taken her tongue in exchange for legs. The tale ends badly for Ariel, with the result that they are still in Copenhagen, on top of a rock, on the look-out for her prince.

But there is more to see!

Copenhagen is a city of many faces. Next to the famous Tivoli and the Little Mermaid, the city has many other attractions. Below is a list of some examples which certainly are worth.
The wonderful Copenhagen City Hall, just opposite the station. The building stands there from 1905 and the architect Martin Nyrop, was inspired to design the town hall of Siena and the Big Ben in London. It is certainly worthwhile to also look inside the building and enjoy the many murals and the old ceilings.
The well-known and long shopping street of Copenhagen, full of quaint shops, boutiques and straakvermaak.
Gammeltorv & Nytorv
Gammeltorv & Nytorv are two squares separated by the shopping street of Copenhagen 'Stroget'.
Gammeltorv is the oldest square in Copenhagen and has existed since the Middle Ages. Previously, this square was the Copenhagen meeting square. The Town Hall was at this square, as well as the daily market. After a major fire in 1795, when the Town Hall was burnt down, a new Town Hall was built at Nytorv which the two squares were merged into one square. Although it's a square, it is still clear that this square originally consisted of two separate squares.
Christiansborg originally called 'Absalon's castle' and then 'Copenhagen Castle. It was formerly always inhabited by the royal family, but the fire of 1794 the castle burned down and the royal family was forced to move. Christiansborg Palace was built, but when the building was finished, the royal family lived at Amalienborg. She moved not return.
Now Christiansborg, the Danish parliament building. It is also the high courthouse and found the rooms of the Prime Minister here. Under the building are the ruins of "Absalon's Castle 'and' Copenhagen castle. It is also worthwhile to visit the gardens of the Royal Library. These can be found next to the stately Christiansborg.
Nyhavn is Copenhagen harbor and now mainly a tourist attraction. Along the Nyhavn are several cafés and restaurants and the look of the harbor is very nice. Especially in summer are crowded the terraces. Some buildings on the Nyhavn be old 300 years. Furthermore, the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen lived in several houses along the Nyhavn.
Amalienborg is the palace of the royal family and consists of four palaces. Queen Margrethe II lives here along with Prince Henry. Amalienborg attends the Crown Prince, Prince Frederick, with his family. In the part where the Crown Prince lives is also a museum. From 1794 the Royal family lives in Amalienborg. Before that time, the fire of 1794, Christiansborg Palace was the royal house.
At its center stands a statue of Amalienborg Frederick V. It has taken 17 years to complete this statue was finished. On the square are also always seen guards of the Royal Guard. Every day at 12:00 there is changing of the guard, while every two hours of position changed.