The Little Orphanage in Amsterdam

Entertainment ComedicBlade August 3, 2016 0 0
Who in a day here you get tired of shopping, can always visit the Little Orphanage in the Kalverstraat. Especially for a day out with children, this landmark worth. The museum is housed in the building where four centuries was the orphanage. The museum is particularly suitable for children from four to ten years. Children can experience what it was like orphan living in the 17th century. And that was certainly no fun!

The entry

Upon entering the "orphans" are registered by the doorman. They get a bracelet and thus begins the journey through the orphanage. So the children can be surprised with the plumbing in the orphanage. Obviously this is very different than we are used to now. The school in the orphanage looks different than the beautiful schools of today. The bureautjes are old and dirty and instead of learning to write with a pen or pencil orphans learned to write with a quill and ink. The children can experience what it is like to sit in a 17th century school desk.

Food and drink

Fortunately, there was the occasional time to eat. While traveling through the orphanage you'll get to the main dining room. The orphans were however quick to eat because they had to eat about four children from one plate. Time to linger at the food was not there. The children also get a peek into the kitchen of the orphanage where the meals were prepared. The weekly menu is clearly there. Incidentally, this is not really saving. The orphans were mainly dished beans and on Sunday there was no apple sauce and chips. In the morning the children were often porridge which was scooped out a big bucket. The children are allowed if they are in the kitchen, just stir the porridge and see how the vegetable soup look like. Perhaps after visiting this kitchen's cooking mum or dad again more appreciated.

Sleep well

The day ends for the orphans with bedtime. In the bedroom there are clothes from the 17th century and the children can even experience what it's like to walk around in clothes for the orphans also walked. The bedroom is not as cozy as now. It is a large dormitory with lots of beds. The orphans did not sleep there with several children in one bedroom, they slieper even with several children in one bed.

Sick and very

Unfortunately, the orphans were sometimes ill. Fortunately, there was always a doctor present at the orphanage. Children can experience how a doctor's office looked like in the 17th century and marvel at the large pots of urine hanging on wall. Also on the wall an old-fashioned medical encyclopaedia 'where the most common childhood diseases to have been appointed.
At the end of the tour the children can drop off their bracelet again and again fine with mom or dad back home with their own home and their own bedroom.