The loan system

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On Wednesday, May 28th the student loan system has become a reality. This means that students who go to study from September 1, 2015 are not entitled to a basic grant. This ensures that a piece of study in the Netherlands again becomes more expensive. What is going to change all exactly? You read it here!

What is the loan system exactly?

When loan system disappears the basic grant. In its place, the government will introduce the so-called study advance. This means that if you want to study, you can go borrow money. The amounts you can borrow will likely remain similar to the size of the grant today. When you are entitled to a supplementary grant you maintain this scholarship. You are entitled to a supplementary grant when your parents earn too little. This additional scholarship, you do not pay back at the end of your studies. The supplementary grant is even increased by around ?? 100 a month.
If you are already studying or will you study coming academic year? Then changed nothing for you! You hold so just your basic grant, whether you are resident or living away from home.

OV student card

When student travel also change some things, but in a positive sense. The student travel remains fact exist, and is even expected! The student travel is in fact accessible to minors MBO students who go to school. Because this is now not yet the case.

The conditions

The loan does have favorable terms. For example, if you have 35 years to repay the loan and you only have to pay if you earn at least the minimum wage. The repayment that you will have to pay up to 4% of your salary.

Current situation

Now everybody gets to college and university student goes. Which in any case consists of a basic grant and student travel, but, depending on the income of your parents, be supplemented with additional grant. When you received your degree within 10 years, you do not have to repay. Additionally, you can also apply for a loan, you obviously have to pay back. This situation is for both resident and non-resident students at home as the only difference is that the basic grant for students living away from home is higher.