The microcar, a possible alternative to the car

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Since 1995 the microcar available in our country, but it took quite a long time to transport was seen as a possible alternative to the car. To purchase, they are not exactly cheap, but in its use. The additional costs of fuel, insurance and maintenance are much lower than that of a car.

The microcar from its introduction in 1995 to present

The microcar is first introduced in the Netherlands in 1995 and has since undergone a stormy development. A microcar is a license-free modern car and certainly not the covered vehicle on four wheels, as the first models were still sometimes called arrogance.
 Power windows, reversing lights, fog lamp and an automatic gearbox are just some of the many standard accessories.
The idea was conceived initially in France to the farmers in rural areas to provide an inexpensive alternative, if they are no longer allowed or car could drive. They were due to microcar yet flexible and could move comfortably over longer distances.
Especially in recent years, the microcar developed into a luxury car, almost no longer a "real" car rivals. Great Benefit applies to microcars also that there is no taxable income and no BPM has to be paid. The microcar is road tax free.
They are manufactured from the latest materials and equipped with xenon headlights, an aluminum frame with plastic panels or an iron frame with polyester lining. The body is usually made of polyester, but there are also made of aluminum.

Equipped with a diesel engine

Modern diesel particles to be installed also are economical and quiet. If engine is made include use of a strong diesel Yanmar 523 cm3 injection engine, which is extremely quiet and economical: 3.15 L per 100 km. Furthermore, there are motors used on the brands: Lombardini, Kubota and Mitsubishi. Piece by piece reliable and fuel efficient diesels.

Legal requirements for a microcar

  • an unladen mass not exceeding 350 kg.
  • a maximum speed of 45 km / h.
  • a motor with a maximum output of 4 kW.

Traffic participation with a microcar

As a microcar is equal to a car subject to all the rules that apply to cars ?? s also microcars.
  • A microcar is not allowed on the highway or freeway.
  • Horticultural microcar is certainly no disabled vehicle and is thus not on the bike path or sidewalk riding.
  • Maximum speed inside and outside built-up areas is 45 km / h, unless otherwise indicated on the spot.
  • The moped must not be parked on the sidewalk.
  • Microcars need at the rear are fitted with a round white plate with red border and black letters the number 45.
  • For drivers of microcars applies wearing the seat belt.
  • In a microcar with open bodywork approved helmet should be worn.
  • Moped certificate or driving license AM is required. See also Article moped license.
  • Minimum age of driver is 16 years, as with mopeds.
  • The driver is required to be insured.

And lesser known brands microcars

  • Grecav
  • Jdm
  • Microcar
  • Bellier
  • Ligier
  • Aixam
  • Chatenet
  • Piaggio
  • Erad
  • Cassalini
  • Tasso
  • Italcar

Sporty look and a richly endowed interior

This modern microcars hardly inferior to automobiles is evident from the availability of an airbag in certain types and even parking sensors as standard or can be fitted as an option.
Comfortable chairs and a clearly arranged dashboard adorn many of the above models. Also at the sporty appearance and meticulous care.

Maintenance and a.p.k.

Although your microcar not A.P.K. accomplice, maintenance is also important to your microcar.
Depending on the number of kilometers you have to rely on a small or large turn every 5000 km. the modern microcars. In older models, the limit is 3000 km. Even if you drive very low mileage, it is still advisable to regularly monitor your microcar by a professional garage which even runs after everything again, lubricates and measurement.