The myths about Genetic Modification

Science zeka45 August 8, 2016 0 1
Genetic modification is a young science. For many people it is not clear what is and what is not genetically modified or genetically engineered. It can be seen on a modified starch ?? packing ?? stand and is based on genetic engineering. ?? Hearsay ?? is another way in which myths come into the world. Someone hears that orange peppers ?? s or blue potatoes are genetically manipulated and told this further, knowing that this is actually not true. Genetic engineering is a change in the genetic predisposition of a plant or animal. This adjustment can have major consequences, or very small. Genetic modification is advantageous for the production of crops and potentially also for meat. However, there are major disadvantages. There different stories circulate about genetically modified products and on which products are genetically modified. Many of these stories are false.

Modified starch

This is perhaps the most persistent myth about genetic modification. Modified starch is not ?? as many people think ?? genetically modified. It is chemically modified to alter its properties. Here comes no GM to pass, there are no special need seeds and potatoes that are used are the same as potatoes and other products that normally you put on your plate. Certain substances are broken down in the starch and the starch is modified in such a way that it is soluble in cold water. Modified starch may be derived from genetically modified crops, but this is always extra on the label.

Genetically modified foods are everywhere

Based on the myth of modified starch, many people think that genetically modified food is found everywhere. Many packs of ready-made meals, vegetarian products, candy, cookies and soups state ?? ?? modified starch. These are not genetically engineered products, as previously indicated. Genetically modified foods in the Netherlands and Belgium ?? and throughout Europe ?? But few on the shelves. Many GM crops are not permitted in the European Union.

Blue potato

A blue potato is not exactly the typical image of a potato. It's strange. A blue potato surely not natural? Error. Blue potatoes are a potato like all others except the color and nutritional values. Blue potatoes are considered to be extra healthy by the high nutritional values. They are blue, purple or purplish blue due to the presence of anthocyanins. This natural dye is also present in red beets, eggplants and red grapes. Blue potatoes are not caused by genetic modification, but simply by growing old and crosses.

Orange paprika

Orange peppers are not genetically manipulated About orange pepper ?? s several myths in the world. For example, they would be genetically modified. This is not based on reality. Orange pepper ?? s are just like other peppers ?? s crossed in the usual way. To this is no genetic manipulation came to pass. Except orange pepper ?? s there are many different colors of peppers ?? s, from purple to teal-color to brown, peppers ?? s come in many different colors. All of these species are crossed in natural ways. This does not mean that it is not possible to modify ?? s paprika genetic, but modified peppers ?? s you do not just come from. That all peppers ?? s ?? with an unusual ?? color are genetically engineered is a myth.


Many people keep a blow to the arm when it comes to genetically modified crops. This is understandable. Little is known about genetic modification, at least for the average consumer. Genetically modified products can potentially cause a lot of damage. However, before they can be sold in Europe, the products by a series of test. Food can not just end up in the store, the manufacturer must prove that it can not hurt. Genetically modified foods in the supermarket is not dangerous. You can quietly assume that you do not get sick of it and it is not a carcinogen. With food allergies is to be extra careful, GM crops can cause an allergy.