The Nag Hammadi

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In 1945 in the town of Nag Hammadi made a discovery that gave a global shockwave among many Roman Catholic believer. Once again it became clear how church scholars and church writers had rewritten the Bible as such in the course of centuries and "improved" to the original sayings of Jesus Christ inaccuracies little more in the Bible.

What are the Nag Hammadi writings?

We count the year 1945. As World War II came to an end, in December, near the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi made an amazing discovery. Nag Hammadi is located near the first flow of the upper Nile.
A farmer named Muhammad Ali is seeking fertile ground to spread across his field. Using a wheelbarrow and large wicker baskets, he creates the fertile soil in the baskets. In addition, he suddenly encounters a large earthen jar. The farmer knows that he is on the floor of a very old cemetery. But the cemetery is long since out of use. Also nearby is a very old ruins of a monastery dating from the second or third century AD.
Muhammad digs farther from the jar and put it temporarily aside to retrieve it at the end of his workday. His intuition told him that there is something in the jar. But he dare not open the jar at first, because he is afraid that there might be a jinn is in. So he throws the jar later piece. To his surprise, there are a number of old books in the jar.
Muhammad soon realized that the writings had something to do with the Christian faith have to do, so he considered it in the first place no value. He even had some papyri stoked the fire. But later discovered Muhammad and his friends that there is commercial value in these books sat on the black market of Egyptian antiquities. And so they were slowly but surely known in the Western world.

The contents of the old books

In total, are the Nag Hammadi 13 handwritten scrolls in leather straps and 52 verses. The found texts date from the 1st to the 4th century and are written in Coptic. But some writings are even dating from 50 AD. The texts ended up in the Coptic Museum in Cairo, where they still are. Since 1977 the texts as a result of a translation into English became known to the public. But in 1995, the first Dutch translation thereof pass out.

What exactly in the scriptures?

The Nag Hammadi writings are early Christian writings. This means that the writings are descendants of the first Christians, even before the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church.
In 367 wrote the bishop of Alexandria, Bishop Athanasius, a so-called Easter letter in which he called everyone to writings that did not belong to the New Testament, instituted by destroying the Roman Catholic Church. The writings that were found in Nag Hammadi have since been so apocryphal writings. That means that they are no longer recognized by Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps the Nag Hammadi writings have ever hidden because they feared for the destruction of these texts. But the truth about it, we will unfortunately never know.
Even though his writings after 1700 in secret to have been in a terrible state, they have fortunately been preserved in part. Most of the texts of the Nag Hammadi texts were edited by Gnostics. There are also some Hermetic writings and an excerpt from The Republic of the Greek philosopher Plato preserved. In broad terms, we can say that the scriptures include:
  • Writings about Jesus Christ
  • Writings about Hermes Trismegistus
  • Creation Myths
  • Redemption Lyrics
  • Revelations

Writings about Jesus Christ

In include The Gospel of Truth, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Phillipus, the Treatise on the Soul, a secret book of James, the Apocalypse of Paul and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, etc. will be discussed the life and the sayings of Jesus Christ. Some of these writings are of tremendous value because scientists believe they already from 50 AD strains and thus are older than the four Biblical gospels in the New Testament and even older than the letters of Paul.
Especially the role of Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus Christ and the Christian vision of women at that time was startling because the current Christianity women just sets in the background, while the early Christian writings speak of an absolute equality between men and women. This discovery is unprecedented and therefore give a different perception of life around Jesus Christ.
The Gospel of Thomas became known thanks to the fact that there are in the sayings of Jesus Christ which he would have done to his audience. The words of Jesus Christ are very noticeable because it witnessed a huge mental clarity. Also, people knowledge and insight into the human psyche is very high level.
The Bible contains sayings of Jesus that are often vague and can be interpreted in different ways. However, by reading his original statements in the Nag Hammadi writings, his statements are now clear and understandable. It is therefore not surprising that there is much interest in these writings by Christians.

Writings about Hermes Trismegistus

Who was this Hermes Trismegistus?
Hermes is equivalent to the Egyptian god Thoth, or Theuth which became known by images of a man with a ibiskop. He is one of the gods who would rule over scholars and writers. Hermes became a priest scholar who would have lived in the time of Moses. He would also have countless books written about all the mysteries of science and religion.

Creation Myths

Creation Myths are stories about the origin of the earth and its inhabitants, as also the origin of the universe. In the Nag Hammadi writings are about six stories preserved:
  • The Secret Book of John
  • The origin of the world
  • The essence of powers
  • The Sacred Book of the Great Invisible Spirit
  • Eugnostos the Blessed and The Sophia of Jesus Christ
  • Triple Discourse

The word gospel ?? ?? literally means good news ?? ??. The Nag Hammadi texts are also many faithful enriches the life of Jesus Christ and an inner floor in their Christian faith.