The new maid, the robot

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Do you have a busy life and little time for housework? Consider a robot for the housework. This is no longer a science fiction anymore. They are getting better and more and more. There are not only vacuuming robots also mopping robot has made his entrance. Does it really so ?? s robot?

The robot vacuum cleaner

Of these, more and more. Many brands have also discovered the vacuum cleaning robot. Think of Cleanmate, Neato, Toshiba, Samsung and LG. But the best known is the manufacturer iRobot that came with the first robot vacuum cleaner on the market: the Roomba. The robot vacuum cleaner is not cheap. The price is between 200 and 500 euros. The vacuum cleaner robots are getting better and not fall down the stairs, which sometimes happened in the past. Each brand has its own way to avoid it. Most vacuum robots are around, so they can not come in the corners. This means that you do first time in a while itself needs to work.

The robot vacuum cleaner in practice

The robot has a parking lot where he automatically drive yourself to if he is ready or when the battery starts to get low. Most are side brushes which baseboards are cleaned. The more expensive vacuum robots are equipped with a remote control; ideal for people with physical limitations. You can use it on hard floors, carpets or rugs. The robot is equipped with sensors so that it recognizes dirty spots here and as long continues to suck until it is clean. You can program the robot so that you can decide when and how often the cleaning robot.

The floor washing robot

This robot scrubs the floor, and then suck up the dirty water again. He was previously equipped with a water tank. That besides water tank should also be added a little vinegar or a special detergent. You may not use other cleaning agents than those already mentioned; this because other cleaners can solve the rubber of the wheels. The floor cleaning robot can be used for linoleum, linoleum, vinyl, marble, slate, tile floors and varnished wooden floors which mop is permitted. The robot has only a few mm floor spelling which he will avoid most of the rugs, but which he does not work on uneven floors. The floor remains after it moist but the robot is excellently clean. Also applies here; he is around the corners so you may end itself still do. The price is between 450 and 800 euros.

Want to buy a robot?

Vacuum Robots are generally not in the shop for sale. On the Internet there are a lot of things to find. Read well the information so that you buy a robot that fits your situation. One robot is suitable for dog her to suck on and the other hangs on it. So you have pets then you're stuck with a higher quality but more expensive robot.

The robot and the future

In future, increasing use will be made of robots. The latest invention is the Dongil Field Robot. This is a remote-controlled robot that can be used by firefighters to extinguish fires. The robot is able to withstand a temperature of 1400 degrees, and equipped with a thermal imaging camera so that it can also be used to locate victims. He can be battery ?? s about one and a half hours.