The Orlando The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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The The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a theme area in the American theme park Islands of Adventure, part of Harry Potter's world is recreated in detail. In the magic to Hogsmeade village can shop to your heart. There is from the village a beautiful view of the Hogwarts castle, you can admire the castle even inside.


Hogsmeade, the famous village where only live magicians, it is located near Hogwarts. There are a lot of shops, some are closed and you can only admire the window. These stores you can never enter as only the windows are decorated and further inside is nothing to see or buy. The shops that are open have a great choice in Harry Potter souvenirs, including several replicas from the movies.
The joke shop includes items such as: the boxing telescope, U-No-Poo, Screaming Yo-Yo, Fanged Flyer and many other familiar items from the Harry Potter books. Besides the well-known example, items are also for sale mugs bearing the logo of Zonko's.
In this candy store you buy the best sweets in the wizarding world. Among others for sale Bertie Bott's Beans, chocolate frogs, sugar feathers, pumpkin juice, cauldron cakes and much more.
Three Broomsticks and The Hog's Head
These are the two restaurants of the park they serve traditional English dishes such as shepherd's pie, fish and chips and Cornish pasties. In The Hog's Head, you can order various alcoholic beverages as well as butterbeer and pumpkin juice.
Owl Post
Send your letters and cards here and they will be delivered with a genuine Hogsmeade stamp. There are special The Wizarding World of Harry Potter cards and stationery for sale that you can take it home or to send directly to friends and family.
Every magician needs his own wand and the best get away from Ollivanders. Here everyone will find out his own wand, but remember the wand chooses the wizard! In an interactive experience you get help picking out your wand if you've chosen to be happiness. Not chosen? No worries you can look yourself go in the store to choose the best wand.
Dervish & Banges
This store holds a lot magician articles including: Remembralls, Golden Snitch, the Quibbler, the Triwizard cup and many other articles. Also, T-shirts with print, mugs, key chains and other items all printed with various Harry Potter themes.
Filch's Emporium
Here you just like Dervish & Banges different souvenirs there is a lot of choice. There are stuffed animals of known mythical creatures, the sluiwegwijzer, scarves in the colors of the different departments at Hogwarts. There are a lot of items to choose from so everyone with something fun going home.


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
This attraction is located in Hogwarts and is a combination of a dark ride, and a robocoaster. Especially for this attraction is a movie in which you will encounter several characters from the Harry Potter films. You will be guided through scenes of a quidditch match, the spiders colony of Aragog and the beech willow. In addition to these scenes, there are many others mounted and specially made for this. The queue is almost better than the real attraction, you hurled through Hogwarts and comes in several places exactly reconstructed from the movies. The paintings talk, you come to the sorting hat, and in the classroom of defense against the dark arts, you see a real-life Harry, Hermione and Ron, along with special effects like snow. Besides these things, there is still a lot to see in the queue, it is also the most popular attraction of the park at this time.
The Flight of the Hippogriff
A roller coaster designed for children although it is also a fun ride for adults. In a cart in the form of a hippogriff you race around the track just like being on its back flies through the air. Near this rollercoaster find Hagrid's cottage, entering is not possible.
Dragon Challenge
Two coasters that twist around each other, pick your favorite and enjoy a rollicking spin. Both roller coasters have loops, corkscrews and steep descents, suitable only for daredevils and very spectacular. The queue is entirely in the theme of the Triwizard Tournament, culminating with the "Triwizard Cup. Besides the queue hung several banners that encourage all candidates of the tournament. All brought together by the music of the fourth Harry Potter film. In this attraction nearby is the famous Ford Anglia of the Weasleys who has crashed in the second film.


There are two different performances in the park, both worth seeing. The Triwizard Spirit Rally is a show that represents the two other wizard schools besides Hogwarts: Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The pupils of these schools are doing a gig in their school uniforms under the guidance of a Hogwarts student. Then there's The Frog Choir: Hogwarts students sing a song accompanied by large croaking frogs. Both performances take place near the Flight of the Hippogriff.


There is a complete Diagon Alley under construction including the Gringotts Wizard Bank. In the wizard bank will be a roller coaster so you can ride like in the movie. There will also be a Tovertweelings Topfopshop and it is very likely that there are several well known stores visited, details have yet been released. This part will be to communicate via the Hogwarts Express so that you can travel back and forth between the original park and the new part. When this section is ready to visit is not yet known.