The Planetree hospital

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Feeling at home in a hospital? Which can! Hospitals that operate according to the Planetree Thought have higher customer satisfaction, family satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Planetree is designed to combine the best of a spa, hotel and hospital: people first in a healing environment. In addition, three main priorities are: better care, healing environment and a healthy organization. This article discusses what Planetree is and how the concept originated.

What's Planetree?

The Planetree concept of hospitals consists of 12 components, namely:
Better care
  • Human interaction and loving treatment
  • Personal choices and responsibility through information and education
  • Excellent medical treatment and care
  • Healthy eating, drinking and exercise
  • Additional care and meaning

Healing environment
  • Decent technology
  • Architecture and interior design contribute toward health and healing
  • Friends, family and community play a positive role

Healthy organization
  • Satisfied clients
  • Satisfied and motivated employees
  • Healthy financial results
  • Good market position and relationships with stakeholders

It pretty much known example of a hospital where the concept is applied, the Griffin Hospital in Derby. This hospital is now many years in the top 100 most acclaimed hospitals in the US while a few years earlier was about to go bankrupt. A report of the visit to the hospital in 2006 describes the attributes. Thus there are spacious single rooms where the equipment is eliminated as much as possible and there is carpet. Everywhere there is plenty of art in the form of paintings, sculptures and flowers. Hospital wards have their own kitchens where patients can cook your own food, there are seating areas with little pellet corners and central areas where patients, doctors and nurses stay together. Also, in the hospital to find a library where patients can find information on such a treatment, disease or alternative healing methods. Thus, we should mention many other aspects that make the Griffin Hospital into a full Planetree Hospital.

The emergence of Planetree

The Planetree concept has its origins in 1978 after Angelica Thieriot had suffered traumatic experiences in a hospital. On the website of Planetree, "Angelica praised the high tech environment of a hospital, but also felt let down by the lack of personal care and attention." After the hospital treatment has Angelica Thieriot with many people as other patients and nurses talked about her experiences. It turned out that many people have the same thought as Angelica. Then they developed a vision which included the idea that a hospital must be a place where patients are treated fully, nursed and cared for; where individuals can learn more about healthcare and medicine; so that they actively participate in their own care and well-being. From this vision was the first step in 1981 the founding of Planetree. The ideas regarding centered care first encountered little resistance and were seen as unrealistic and meaningless. Ultimately, the vision have accepted what has led Angelica took charge in 1985 of an advisory body to give her vision fours in a hospital. This created the first Planetree unit with 30 beds.

Implementation Planetree

In 1989 started the first hospitals, including California Pacific Medical Center and the Delano Medical Centre ?? s, in implementing the Planetree concept. This implementation of the Planetree concept is a large-scale process that is not achieved from one day to another. This is reflected in the book ?? Putting Patients First ?? which describes best practices that fit within the framework of the Planetree Thought. In order to explain the process of implementation, use is made of the case in the Delano Medical Centre. In that hospital the introduction of the Planetree concept was split into subprojects which teams were formed which were each responsible for the introduction of a component of the Planetree concept. Regarding Planetree is to change the mindset of health care providers is one of the most important issues during the implementation period. This cultural change is in the Delano Medical Centre ?? s among others, achieved by organizing workshops for caregivers. In addition, nurses and doctors in the role of the patient were put. It was also discussion sessions were organized on the Planetree philosophy. Additionally found physical changes take place in hospitals and their equipment. As waiting rooms were furnished and decorated as a living room and kitchen were put where patients and their families themselves could prepare food. During the implementation process of Planetree are several important aspects such as leadership, the right people and involvement of employees such as doctors, directors, volunteers, patients and their families. During the application of a Planetree hospital find adaptations of the renovation place and when all kinds of best practices in the book ?? Putting Patients First ?? are bundled. Because of this differentiation has been made of the Planetree concept but the core values ​​have remained the same.

Planetree in 2010

In 1978, the Planetree philosophy began small. Now it has become a sort of phenomenon. In addition, changes have occurred. So now to achieve a mark as Planetree institution. Also exist today 15 Planetree Resource Centres in the United States. The concept is also grown. What the ?? 80 years began with an idea in the head of Angelica Planetree is now internationally known and recognized. Also in the Netherlands is being experimented with, such as eg in the Haga Hospital.