The popular app Word Freud

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What is Word Freud actually do and what makes this app so popular? Many people play this Scrabble variant and there is even a large market and helpers word solvers. Cheating help via the Internet, yet the game remains popular, especially to play against friends and acquaintances. What's so special about this Word Freud app? Become Freud was developed by the Norwegian Haakon Bertheussen. The game is in the Android version available since 2010 and in the iPhone / iPad version since 2011. The game is similar to Scrabble and there is also a chat function in the game. So you can as you play and chat with your opponent.

Become Freud players

Most Word Freud players, there are per day, about 15 to 45 minutes to lose and they play than five to ten pots at the same time. The random opponent is relatively limited. Almost everyone plays Become Freud most often with friends and family. They find that this play together relationships positively influences. They have more contact and by the frequent use of the game chat is also more topics of conversation when they meet each other in real life.
It is striking that many players Word Freud suddenly Scrabble board again comes out of the closet.

The biggest annoyance Word Freud

The biggest annoyance of the Word Freud User are words that are not approved. You finally a word gescrabbeld together, where you can spend a lot of letters, Word Freud does not know it. It remains annoying. Also a big annoyance are the cheaters. Quite internet is searched to Word word search and word Freud Freud cheats. Lay your opponent often bizarre words on the board? Chances are you're dealing with a cheater.

Become Freud tips

  • Succeed in the first place not to impose a long word that word evaluates twice? Consider exchanging some letters.
  • Try also to trade as little as possible. It's after exchanging almost impossible to catch up again.
  • Try silly words, amazing what strange words Word Freud all charges properly.
  • Keep your jokers just behind the hand. A word to all your letters but delivers no less than forty bonus points.
  • Do not focus on the words, but on the site. Where a word provides the highest word value?
  • Do not cheat. That makes you no friends.

Become Freud Facts

  • Between two woordleggingen be no more than 72 hours. So may take a little pot Become Freud days and sometimes weeks.
  • You can simultaneously play up to thirty games
  • DW means two times the word value
  • TW means three times the word value
  • DL means twice the literal value
  • TL means three times the letter value
  • The Webster dictionary in 2012 was expanded in 1500 with new Dutch words and one of them was wordfreuden.
  • The end of 2012 was the highest final score on a Dutch Word Game Freud 2137 points. The highest word score was in 2092 and was met with the word pianola.

A part of the Netherlands is slowly already a little Wordfreudmoe. What will be the successor of Freud's Word? Perhaps the Rising app Draw Something, or Rummicub variant Nummi?