The professional institute for real estate agents

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The profession of real estate can not be performed by anyone. To protect the title and the action is the Professional Institute of Estate Agents. The appeal Institute of Estate Agents, abbreviated IPI, is a public professional association with legal personality. It was established by Royal Decree in 1993, as decided by the Accreditation Decision was that not everybody has the title and the profession of estate could usurp. It eventually took until 1995 before the institute there really was installed.

Operation of the IPI

The goal of the IPI is to send the real estate within his profession and to steer everything in the right direction: to review or met all the conditions for admission to the profession, give permission to be allowed to wear the tital of real estate agent check or broker complies with the rules of ethics and if necessary impose sanctions .. To fulfill all these tasks were established a number of bodies within the BIV.

Bodies within the BIV

National Council
The National Council is the legislative body of the Professional Institute. The council is composed of 18 real estate agencies and a government commissioner. The National Council is responsible for drawing up the rules of ethics and the training regulations, which every real estate broker and real estate agent trainee must comply. The council will also ensure that the conditions for access to the profession are respected, and that inrbeuken the legislation be indicted by the judicial authorities. Measures regarding the continuing training and retraining to be taken by the National Council.
The desk
The IPI's executive organ is called the Bureau. This body consists of three people: a president, a vice president and a treasurer, who are elected from among the members of the National Council. These three people are in charge of the daily management of the IPI, such as dealing with current affairs, carry out the decisions of the National Council, recruiting staff, .. The treasurer also has a number of additional tasks such as storing the movable property of the Institute, the collection of contributions, the design of the financial statements and the presentation of an overview of the financial position at the National Council.
Executive Chambers
The Executive Boards of the IPI form the judicial body. There are two rooms, one Dutch and one French, each consisting of six real estate agents. They have three responsibilities: administrative, disciplinary and arbitration.
Executive Chamber is responsible for the preparation and updating of the list of trainees, the list of internship and masters of the Bar practicing ass. Also, it supervises the implementation of the training regulations and verify that the trainee estate agent conducted his internship in a satisfactory manner.
The rooms punish the real estate agents who are proven to have failed in their duties. They can give a warning, a reprimand, suspend or even cancel the estate of the tableau.
The rooms could do arbitral award regarding a dispute between a broker and his client regarding fees. At the request of courts give the rooms an opinion on fees and in case of dispute between brokers themselves, they offer advice on the calculation of the fees.
Boards of Appeal
Finally, there are two Boards of Appeal, each consisting of a chairperson, a deputy chairperson, two real estate agents and six alternates. These rooms speak appeal over decisions taken at first instance by the executive rooms.