The secret of the midshipmen: The Assaut

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Every year there are in Den Helder a grand three-day gala, the Assaut, place for the training of officers in the Royal Naval Institute. Besides fairies and trolls, the Introduces the cadets, soldiers in training, there is no place here for people. The terminology does as an anachronistic tale but for the present elite officer is reality. And as it always was, an annual highlight. On the Internet, there is relatively little information available on the event and that while it Assaut is just as well suited for. The military elite corps indeed paid much attention to annual theme ?? s that are built in large sets. In 2010 there was still a real fairies train in Den Helder, met by cadets in uniform, ready to march through the city. The lack of information is quite an achievement in this internet age. The question is whether consciously a smoke screen clears.

Etymology and translation

Assuming a secret and will unravel it, is an analysis of the impending terminology enlightening. The ?? Dale ?? and deliberately used old Kleine Winkler Prins encyclopedia from 1952, offering interesting introductory clarifications.
Assaut is a word that its composite origin in the Latin ad means ?? to ?? saltare ?? and ?? jump. Toespringen so. The strange word ?? ?? assaut is included in the Dutch language and borrowed from French. It dates from the 13th century. It literally means ?? ?? assault. A later translation reads ?? demonstration or competition in fencing ??. The final transfer is ?? ball from the midshipmen ??. In the last conversion are two interesting words which should also be examined, namely ?? ball ?? and ?? ?? midshipman. Bal ?? ?? is also a dated word, it dates from 1643 and represents major dance party ?? ??. That would be a different party than the currently used gala, which allows a posh party is meant where it appears in gala attire. Before the midshipman is introduced later, are now following details on the origin of the ball or gala but at least the Assaut.


In Den Helder News, an online newspaper in the city where the event takes place, it is explained that the Assaut first took place in 1871 and be in honor of the founding of the midshipmen fencing. According to the cadets of the KMA, the fellow officers in training of midshipmen was in 1910 for the first time organized the Assaut in honor of the birthday of King William III! Well, at least the explanation on their website Assaut 2012. At the Ministry of Defence it seems at a loss regarding the number of editions of the festival because the website stated in 2008 that the 122nd festival went perfectly and two years later speaks defense all over the 135th edition. The wish is father to the thought? After the diversity of etymology, which still falls in a line in sight, here turn the confusion about the history and the number of editions of the festival KIM increasing. Applicable symbolic.


The Assaut As stated, organized and celebrated by the cadets of the Navy. Midshipman is again an archaic-sounding word. It dates from 1591 and is considered by Dale ?? ?? translated as squire ?? ?? or ?? squire who performs military service ??. And ?? ?? squire, an even older word in 1201, is on average young nobleman ?? ?? intended. Both men and women wear the title midshipman what the last group is a contradiction in terms, a woman man? For both sexes applies an equal, male, title namely ?? ?? squire. These titles date back to the time that only sons of noble families studied at the KIM. Nowadays, anyone with a swimming certificate and VWO officer, regardless of sex. This equality is reflected in the title, a young girl is seen in this way as one of the boys.
On the last day of the gala, to thank the party, the noble men and women ?? may bring their dates, provided that they meet the dress etiquette. These guys are called fairies and trolls. A fee is in addition to a graceful Celtic deity also a beautiful woman. The troll is next to the Nordic mythological spirit, also a civil person. Because of the vrouwenemancipatie- and participation at the elite officers corps in the late 70s, the term was fairy ?? ?? if female guest no longer effective. The elected term for the male date, the troll ?? ?? is as jolly as clear. Above Earth beings only, there are in addition to the male and female noblemen so their beautiful women and male citizens present at the party. Anachronisms and mythologies rampant among both the elite and in the Assaut.


On the website of the Ministry of Defence state ?? nine days, the future naval officers working in two shifts 24 hours a day on their project. The leadership and organization vested in the senior cadets, while junior students have more executive functions. Pass this hierarchical structure learn the Midshipmen lead or right, opposite, dealing with control. The structure is therefore an integral part of the training officer. In addition, the building requires creativity and perseverance; the midshipmen are faced with various safety aspects and responsibilities. ??
Alike many student there is a strong hierarchy in the organizational structure of the Corps Reefers. In short, there is an elected executive committee that the Senate is called. To draw the parallel face the future officers with hazing, a society, a flag, an anthem, a yearbook and sports and leisure clubs. And like many conservative ingestelde- and old students associations also has this union of naval officers with little external pottenijkers. To reassure the environment in advance and to mitigate any nuisance, the organization through local press and gives sometimes through a tour for local residents a limited insight into the preparations. During the party keep the gate closed to the fleet.

The party

Youtube is only one, revealing little film, available on this large-scale festival where every year many midshipmen with their dates, yet external, on coming. On the first day of the actual festival takes place from Friday to Sunday, there is always a march through Den Helder. On the second day, the large ball and on day three the party venue is being phased traditional weather.
Another YouTube video shows some preparations for the party. At the backdrop of the ball will be given careful consideration, read the explanation of the Ministry. Each year a new theme is chosen.
That was in 2010, the Trans-Siberian Express. A special edition of the festival, as the fairies train moved again. In the olden days it was customary for the fairies to Den Helder were transported by the fairy train. Because the theme was this playful transport, although once, again created. With onboard fairies.
The educational, creative and organizational purposes, listed by defense, despite it is a party where a lot of alcohol is consumed. Participants are even urged to consume alcohol in moderation. A glance at the program teaches that the three real holidays, say evenings and nights ??, continue into the early hours. Evident is the outcome and the sum of the group consisting of young midshipmen or squires, fairies and trolls plus an excess of alcohol: a very earthy party relating to this zeitgeist. Like similar student organizations.


The smoke screen has to do with a somewhat elitist attitude of the future naval officers, which has always been so, though ripples that thought more and more off. Student associations calling themselves high strike, have similar ideas. Therefore, there is some distance away to the outside world. Which is maintained by anachronistic, archaic and almost mythological French rushes midshipmen, squires, fairies and trolls. Since in added there is also the unclear origin and etymology of the Assaut, for both internal and external.
However, the knowledge that a group of young people in a special guest and alcoholic ambiance, no sense of time celebrates feast, the proverbial curtain gets down. What remains is a theme party. Sometimes successful, sometimes less. Sometimes with nuisance and sometimes not. Many old but little new under the sun.


The secret of the midshipmen consists in this: from superior feelings, old terminology and rituals, the lack of openness and communication seem real and they want to be out of time. However, with a little closer inspection they are definitely contemporary. It is doubtful whether the midshipmen who want to, therefore they are more common ?? ??, ?? ?? mundane. Mysticism is thus maintained, but the time is inexorable, comes to an end. Just as any Assaut.