The significance of and

Electronic clezzzgamer December 9, 2016 0 51
Most people know Google as the money machine that is increasingly successful actions on the Internet and Google searches. Google's Google Labs, Google Glass, Google earth. The philanthropic arm of Google, is less well known, but it is definitely there, too.

The presence of Google Web is undeniable and it is expanding more and more. Everyone knows the engine and the well-known free software. It ?? s Picasa photo program, but also Google Talk are fine examples. But it does not stop.

Much less well known is the philanthropic brother and sister from Google,, started in 2003. On this site you will find the entrance to philanthropic programs ?? s as Google Grants and Google Foundation. Since the start there are 15 billion of non-profit ads shown with a total value of approximately 165 million dollars. Reportedly benefit over the world now about 2,700 non-profit organizations of the funds. It is about Google-approved organizations working on climate change, global health and economic development and poverty. Until recently, only companies in the US along with this, but now also countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Excluded are companies and organizations that participate in Google Adwords, religious and political parties and lobby groups.

Focus regularly must say no to new candidates, because the influx otherwise becomes too great. Moreover, Google will in the coming years to focus on. While Google focuses on five initiatives:
1. Prevention and predict
Many diseases spread exponentially. Prevention is essential and saves more suffering than action afterwards. Therefore, Google supports initiatives that enable us to better predict and prevent events before it is too late.
2. Information and better public services
In poor countries often lack the kinds of essential services for the poorest. Google therefore wants to work with relevant partners, vital information to improve basic services for the poor in India and East Africa will improve significantly.
3. Growth SMEs
Google supports initiatives that transaction costs are reduced when making investments. Google mainly wants the SMBs an opportunity, because there is the greatest chance of success.
4. Renewable energy
Because coal energy is still cheaper than renewables Google will launch a major cooperation, within one year to produce one gigawatt of renewable energy which is also cheaper than coal.
5. The commercialization of plug-in cars
Google wants to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the use of petroleum. For that Google wants the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric car ?? s accelerating and the technology for charging these cars on the grid make it easier.


Dr. Larry Brilliant, executive director of, let finally know that these five initiatives are an attempt to contribute to a response to a series of serious challenges which the world awaits the coming years. The strength of is, that they can immediately make use of innovative technology, and technicians from the Google stable. All in all, a very commendable project.