The slowjuicer: pressing retaining nutrients

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Self squeeze your juice to get in the necessary vitamins, a good thing. Using a juicer for this is not as capable as you might think: there will many valuable nutrients lost. A better way is to use a squeeze slowjuicer. The slowjuicer squeezes too, but so that all the nutrients are preserved. What is the disadvantage of a juicer? Why is the slowjuicer better suited?

Fruit and vegetables: essential to health

It is known that fruits and vegetables are good for our health. That includes fruit and vegetable juices. The essential nutrients in fruits and vegetables ensure that the body processes can run smoothly. Vitamins and minerals provide good resistance and protect against premature aging. Who has trouble with the daily portion of fruit and vegetables, it can also take the form of juices. Certainly freshly pressed this is a great way to get the required nutrients.

Freshly squeezed juice: buy or make yourself

In the shops are many different kinds of "juice" for sale. Most do not come close to real fruit juice and fruit drinks are mentioned, for example because of sugar and other ingredients are added. Fruit juice which is in suits for sale is often made from concentrated fruit pulp. Although no sugars and so adding to its fresh juice is of course no question. Therefore, there are considerably fewer nutrients than fresh juice. The latter is available at many supermarkets, and that you also notice the price. A liter of freshly squeezed juice easily cost three euros. It is not long lasting so you should already with more people in a household to use it before the expiration date. Make your own juice is soon a good alternative.


Squeeze fruit itself is a choice for those who do not want to pay a lot of money for juices from the store. The advantage: you can squeeze as many as you need and use the fruit or vegetables that you want, and it is just as fresh as in the juices in the store. In many households is for making juices from fruit itself, therefore, a juicer present. On most juicers are set at different speeds; the speed used during pressing is dependent on the hardness of the greetings or the fruits which are pressed. The harder the fruit or the vegetable, the higher the speed used.
Friction and oxidation
However, to juicers is a disadvantage because of the high speed is so much heat generated by friction valuable nutrients such as heat-sensitive enzymes are lost. In addition, the centrifugal force is the juice with a high proportion of oxygen in touch. This causes oxidation of a large portion of the vitamins, which makes these substances lose their effect. The produced sap therefore contains less of these valuable nutrients fully. The resulting juice should thereby quickly - within a quarter - are drunk because otherwise it remains good: this is also due to the ample oxygen present.

The slowjuicer: preservation of valuable substances

Except for the juice extractor, there is the slowjuicer on the market. A juicer is a device that makes juice, juice so. The slowjuicer makes juice from fruit and vegetables in which a much lower speed is used in the pressing process. Fruits and vegetables are then slowly pressed. This low rate has the advantage that there is almost no heat is generated; it is a form of cold pressing. All the valuable nutrients from the fruits and vegetables are maintained in the juice, such as vitamins, enzymes and other proteins. This also is the flavor and color the better. The method is similar to the cold pressing of olive oil. Via slowjuicing juice that has been obtained can be stored for 48 hours without loss of valuable nutrients. This method of compression is preferable for those who want to be healthy doing. Another advantage is that the slowjuicer by the much lower speed makes a lot less noise during operation.

Types slowjuicers

There are hand presses and electric versions in slowjuicers. The former is especially suitable for those who occasionally squeezes, the latter soon convenient for daily use and in pressing large quantities. There are several slowjuicers on the market, and prices vary. There is already a hand press sale for 60 euros, and the electrical, there is a wider choice. Prices range from about 200 to more than 800 euros.