The strip Suske en Wiske

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Suske en Wiske is the most popular strip of Flanders. In 2009 there was even an animated film made the story of Luke and Lucy and the Texas Rangers. How long the Spike and Suzy comics already exists, how it arose and what about the order? Suske and Wiske comic books are not just entertainment. By incorporating many historical facts in the comics they are also quite instructive.

Origins of Suske en Wiske

Willy Vandersteen, the spiritual father of Suske and Wiske began in 1945 as a serial in the newspaper The New Standard ?? ??. In the beginning, go on adventures Rikki en Wiske. Rikki was the older brother of Wiske. But Vandersteen replaces Rikki after six months by Spike, because the character of Tintin reminds him too much and he seeks a younger opponent for Wiske. Rikki is once more back in the stories and that is in the album ?? The Prisoner of Prisonov ??.
The first story of Suske and Wiske together ?? The island Amoras ??.
In 1947 the columns that bundled together the story ?? On the island Amoras ?? forms, thus creating number one of the popular series. To number 36 are the stories in black and white. Then the colors are blue and red added. No. 67 The moolah creator is the first to be released in color. After this, all previous tracks randomly reprinted in color.

Order Suske en Wiske series

With the order of the Suske en Wiske series is a thing wrong. No. 68 The island Amoras would actually first Suske en Wiske album should be. Here the two meet each other. Jerome also be added later. When you keep the original storyline, this would actually order should be:
68 On the island Amoras
87 Flying Monkey
107 sprietatoom
105 The king drinks
129 Princess sawdust
140 Black Madam
134 The white owl
138 Bibber Gold
144 Lambiorix
132 stierentemmer
145 The steel pot
131 The singing hippo
137 ringeling treasure
133 Tuftufclub
141 Frozen Fire
146 Stars pickers
148 The smiling wolf
89 The mad Musketeers
88 tamtamklopper
127 fighter Castle
81 circusbaron
91 speelgoedzaaier
76 The iron haddock
95 kleppende clipper
83 straatridder
136 bucks riders
80 The roaring mountain
70 Ghosts Hunters
93 The whirring mustache
84 stemmenrover
142 mottenvanger
119 Talking testament
120 The varnished pirates
121 The dark diamond
123 Black swan
124 Flying bed
125 The Texas Rangers
126 windmakers
118 Golden circles
110 Singing fungi
109 Clouds eaters
103 klankentapper
104 The savage benefactor
98 The dog paradise
101 kaartendans
99 The quack rays
96 The rhyming horse
94 Hissing Sampan
90 Sheikh El Ro-jenbiet
69 The nervous Nerviens
73 The buzzing egg
74 droll hangover
85 Clean sleeper
77 The apekermis
72 Jeromba the Greek
78 De Dulle Griet
67 shekels creator
71 Wattman
75 The mini mierennest
79 The seven strings
82 gramme mercenary
86 Tender Tronica
92 The roaring bride
97 junglebloem
100 Golden horse
102 Dreams theft
106 charming coffee
108 Two nice totems
111 The Treasure of Beersel
112 Green splinter
113 The secret of the gladiators
114 The Tatar helmet
115 The envoys of Mars
116 Bronze key
117 The angry tjiftaf
122 The Bald Hairdresser
128 The humming bronze
130 steensnoepers
135 Mad Gambler
139 The angry boomzalver
143 The silly mergpijp
147 poppenpakker
149 The smooth Glipper
Further, the ordinary number sequence can be maintained. An exception is number 154 Rikki and Wiske in Chocowakije. This is a reissue of the previous story of Rikki and Wiske. The drawings in the different albums differ much in quality. Vandersteen made ten years Spike and Suzy comics for comics magazine Tintin. These strips are drawn remarkably better than the comics he created for the newspaper also the storylines are better developed. However, the first 30 are Spike and Suzy comics as the most humorous view of the series.

Suske en Wiske instructive?

Especially the older Spike and Wiskes are not only fun and imaginative also instructive because they are based on history and folklore. Some figures from the Flemish and Dutch folklore appearing in Suske and Wiske are the giant Lange Wapper, Kludde, the Loch Ness monster, the white lady, the spark vuurman, John the Fearless, the hell hounds and pot with three handles in Olen .

Other Suske en Wiske draughtsmen

From 1972 artist Paul Geerts takes the series on Willy Vandersteen. The last strips of Willy Vandersteen miss the humor and inspiration and are often cynical, also the first comics written by Paul Geerts are not much better. This improves gradually. In 1992, Marc Verhaegen signed his first full Suske en Wiske story, namely the creaking carcass. In 2005 he stopped cooperating with the Spike and Suzy comics. After this drawing the strip was taken over by a team consisting of, among others Erik Meynen, Bruno de Roover, Peter van Gucht and Luc Morjaeu.