The suffering ride off hot ..

Auto svlim3 July 26, 2016 3 40
Anyone who drives a car has ever endured it: the driving test. Although they were used to be easier than today. It is certainly not made it easier. That in itself is good, because the traffic is getting busier and there are more rules needed. Only for those who need to get it still is a bit of a shame ....

The preparation

Before you can ride off you first need your theory certificate. In consultation with the driving instructor can be a date for that pricked to achieve them. Optionally you a course to follow. In that course are also many practice tests done, so you know what's on the exam itself goes.
Of course you also follow lessons. A good instructor may approximately estimate when you are ready for an exam. It is advisable to do an in-between-time key. This lets you know how one goes about exam and you know what is expected of you. And the big advantage is: you can get exemption on certain parts of your exam if you have performed well during the between-time key. That takes away the pressure of the exam that down.

The exam itself

Over the years, the exam has changed considerably. In the 50s you drove off after five lessons. The examination took about 5 minutes. But the number of cars on the road was also a lot less, so you had room after passing your exam again considerably to bear on public roads.
In the years more and more parts to come to teach new drivers with the traffic on the road handling. The environment has been playing in recent years along in passing the exam.
Today, you expect the following during the exam:
  • You have to look under the hood and have a little knowledge about what is standing there and where it is
  • You need a car and make yourself ready for the rules
  • You need a lot can ride independently.
  • You should perform well two special maneuvers. The examiner determines which. It may be that he says in a street: "Park the car as close to number 20. It's your job to do that. And whether this forward parking or parallel parking is depends of course on the situation in that street. It may also be that the examiner allows you to invert. How do you know that you have to yourself, if only prudent, safe and environmentally conscious.
  • You can also ask your examiner during the examination why you did certain things. This is to see if you can consider and assess hazard to things in a right way.

Independent drive

The independent drive has three different ways. The examiner will perform one show you. It may be that he begins the exam therewith, it may also be that the ends therewith. One of the three ways that you own a piece can drive up to a certain point. It is intended that the examiner mentions a point that you know so you know the way. It may also be that the examiner a piece with a navigation system run later. You must show that you are also governed by this pay attention to the road while at the same time to keep the navigation system monitor.
Whether you get a cluster assignment. Here to get a number of clues you need to remember, and then you go away. For example: "take the first right, the third left on the roundabout. Just like if you were to ask someone the way actually.

Some tips

It's not easy, it can even be scary. Everyone is nervous, a good Examiner will try to put you at ease. Here are some tips to hopefully make it easier and less scary:
  • Always be neat and polite
  • Show initiative in a safe and proper way, this is often appreciated
  • Making a mistake is not bad, even experienced drivers make mistakes. What matters is whether you can solve it correctly and safely.
  • It's okay if maneuvering is not your strong point. It is okay if you do not see the cyclist while you make a move. So be there and take a good look around you
  • Make sure you pay close attention to the signs, an examiner can people still have a way to send a street where you are not allowed. Pay close attention to the signs!
  • Do not be fooled in advance by all the stories about horrible examiners. It are just people, like you and me!